Cheerleader Biography

Kayla H.



Number of years on the team

1st year


Benton, KS


Pittsburg State University


Outside sales consultant

Goals in life

To pursue a career in Medical sales

Continue free-lance marketing and start my own business

Get married and raise a beautiful family

Your personal motto / words to live by

Never settle or get too comfortable in life, always try new things and chase your dreams!

Favorite thing to do in Kansas City

Go to the flea market downtown for new projects to work on

Watching sports in Kansas City. This city lives for their teams!

Dream Vacation

To backpack Europe!

Why did you decide to audition to be a CC?

Well first off I love the Kansas City Chiefs. I decided to audition because of my passion for performing.

Favorite CC Appearance to date.

Draft Day! I have never been to anything like the draft day party we had at the training facility. It was really neat to see all our fans packed under one roof as one family.

Best Workshop or Audition moment

My favorite memory was my very first cheer workshop. I walked into my first workshop only thinking I just wanted to perform after college, but after meeting the team, all the girls trying out, and the director changed my perspective of this journey forever. After walking away that night I felt like every single person in that workshop was family. Not only that, when the director sat us down at the end and told us to be the best version of ourselves during this process, I knew I wanted to work under her direction. It was NOTHING like I pictured before walking through those doors for the first time.