Cheerleader Biography

Kelsey N.



Number of years on the team

2nd year


Lenexa, KS


Kansas State University


Registered Dietitian

Goals in life

I would love to put my passion for nutrition, and barre exercises together! I think nutrition and exercise go hand in hand so having a place where people could receive both would be a goal of mine.

Someone you admire

I have always admired my dance teacher, Erin Lustig. She taught me what it meant to live with integrity and that anything worth having comes with hard work.

Favorite kind of Food

Mediterranean food!

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

I would like to go see Niagara Falls.

Favorite Charity & why

Share Our Strength because its priority is to end child hunger in America by connecting families to food banks and providing them with skills to prepare affordable meals.

Why did you decide to audition to be a CC?

The obvious reason is because I love to dance, but it was mainly because I find so much joy in being part of a team. This team is so special, and continues to push me to be a better person every day. They are my second family, and I am so thankful for each of my teammates.

Favorite CC Appearance to date

One of my favorite appearances to date is one that I got to do in London. It took place one evening on a boat that traveled down St. Thames, which allowed us to see London all lit up at night. It was a beautiful scenery, and it was so much fun to spend the evening with Chiefs fans, but what was most memorable about it was the fact that the boat had a height limit. The ceilings were so low on the boat that only the shorter girls got to go! I laugh every time I think about it because for once in my life it paid off to be short!

Best Moment as a CC to date

A fan came up to me during draft day, pulled out his phone and asked, “Is this you?” I replied yes, and he thanked me for that day because it was one of the last experiences he had with his father. His dad had chronic kidney disease, and one of the things he wanted to do on his final days was to go to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. The man said I had made is dad’s day and that he was so thankful for the experience. I’ll never forget a moment like that!