Cheerleader Biography

Laura T.



Number of years on the team

1st year


Lenexa, Kansas


University of Kansas & Washburn University School of Law



Goals in life

Become a corporate executive, start a charity, travel the world, and make a difference.

Person you admire & why

My cousin Erin. She continually pushes past the obstacles that life throws at her, is incredibly intelligent, has the biggest heart and is the best mommy to my niece and nephew.

Fun fact about yourself

I still have a baby tooth and get to keep a wisdom tooth. Forever young and wise.

Favorite color and why

Blue, not just any blue. The blue in the sky on a perfectly clear day, it’s clear and calming and beautiful.

Favorite Charity & why

Make a Wish, I think this program does a phenomenal job of bringing unforgettable memories to the most-deserving of people.

Why did you decide to audition to be a CC?

I missed having dance in my life, but then I fell in love with the program and that kept me going.

Favorite CC Appearance to date

Draft day! It was so much fun getting to meet the fans and interact with the kids. They were so bright-eyed and excited to be a part of something so special.

Best Workshop or Audition moment

Walking through the doors. There is nothing like CC auditions.

Advice to anyone that wants to audition in the future to be a CC

If you open your heart to it, this process can help you discover who you really are and your potential in life.