Cheerleader Biography

Megan G.



Number of years on the team

2nd year


Coffeyville, KS


Eric Fisher Academy



Goals in life

I am very passionate about my career and hope to expand my business in the future. I anticipate the opportunity to share this love of cosmetology with my own employees as a salon owner someday.

Someone you admire

I’m fortune to have many women of character in my life. Someone in particular that I treasure is my client and trainer, Ray. I idolize her positively and ability to see the good in every person or situation. She is just as intelligent as she is beautiful and a ‘Ray’ of sunshine to everyone she meets! With her guidance, I have become more confident and less apologetic for who I am.

Favorite Hobby

When I’m not in the salon or cheering, you can find me in the gym or curled up with a book or Sudoku puzzle.

Favorite kind of Food

I love anything sweet and love to get creative in the kitchen with healthy treats!

Favorite Charity & why

Susan G. Komen – Breast Cancer Awareness has been close to my heart since my aunt was diagnosed in 2012. She is on her fourth year as a survivor. I have enjoyed coordinating fundraising events with this charity in the past and continue to support each year at the Race for the Cure.

Why did you decide to audition to be a CC?

Ever since I was a part of Spirit Day my sophomore year in high school, I have admired this role and the women in it. Once life led me closer to KC, I knew my dream could come true if I worked hard enough--and it did! Being a part of this phenomenal organization and inspiring team brought me back to auditions this year!

Favorite CC Appearance to date

One appearance I will never forget was visiting Whiteman Air Force Base my rookie year. It’s unbelievable what our military sacrifices for us so it was an honor meeting and getting to know some of these men and women. We also learned that very few people get to see the B2 Bomber because of its classified nature and we were given the opportunity to view it up close and even touch the outside!

Best Moment as a CC to date

My first steps onto the field at Arrowhead in the white boots on Game Day are truly indescribable! I still get chills each and every time! Hearing the Sea of Red roar from the sidelines in the loudest stadium on earth has to be one of the best experiences as a Chiefs Cheerleader!