Cheerleader Biography

Nikki M.



Number of years on the team

2nd year


Council Bluffs, IA


University of Iowa/Nebraska Methodist


Registered Nurse

Goals in life

I have many goals in life. However, I want to make an impact on at least one person who is in my care on a daily basis. My Monday through Friday schedule involves being there for patients when they wake up from surgery. I want to be there for them during a time of anxiety, to help treat acute pain, or even hold their hand if they’re feeling scared or stressed. I want them to feel important, safe, and cared for.

Person you admire & why

My mother. She’s been through it all with me. The happiest of times, to the darkest. She’s been right by my side. She’s the complete definition or resiliency, compassion, beauty, and strength. From her putting on my makeup at my first dance recital, to her watching me walk out onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium as a NFL cheerleader. She’s been my biggest fan and my rock. I hope to be a mother like her someday.

Favorite color and why

Pink. Reminds me of my favorite flower, the peony. My dad used to pick them for me in the spring when I was little. He would put them in a fancy vase in my room for me.

Favorite Social Media Platform

Instagram. This social media outlet lets me document all my favorite memories-people, destinations, food, etc. I live away from home so it’s also a fun way my family and friends can see what I’m up to and vice versa!

Favorite Charity & why

Make A Wish Foundation- my grandmother played a huge involvement within this charity. It really impacted me seeing how her help provided so many wonderful memories for children and their families.

Why did you decide to audition to be a CC?

I wanted to give back to my community in a different way and to become a part of something bigger than just me. I was hooked after listening to Jillian speak at a workshop. She spoke about how the organization changed her life, and the different ways she was able to impact so many people and how those people impacted her. I wanted to be a part of that sisterhood.

Favorite CC Appearance to date

The 2014 Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event game. Every suite visit I met the most extraordinary kids and their bigs. I was completely blown away to meet so many wonderful people. I felt this day made me examine my life differently. Happiness was defined in many different ways that day. I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity.

Best Moment as a CC to date

Walking out onto the field performing intro walk-out my rookie year. I’ll never forget it. The rush of excitement, happiness, and awe.