Cheerleader Biography

William Jewell College
Sr. Events Manager for Cerner Corporation’s global pediatric charity, The First Hand Foundation
Birth Date:
8th Year
Kansas City, MO


Because I am just not ready to hang up the poms yet ;)
Why I auditioned for CC:  Because I am just not ready to hang up the poms yet ;)

Person I would most like to meet and why: Ann Curry – The Today Show news journalist.  I respect her work and admire her career.

Favorite color and why: Shimmering Hot Pink – there is no other color that makes me feel “all girl” quite like pink!

Best advice ever given to me: Never sit still. Explore. Dream. Discover.

My life motto:  When you are giving everything that you have and the world says, “Give up” .. don’t … instead listen to the voice that says, “No let’s try one more time.”

If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would they be:  Hmmm .. I have always heard if you tell your wishes they won’t come true. So in order not to test fate I will keep those to myself.  But as any pageant girl would agree … world peace would be nice ;) ha.