Angel Chiefs Cheerleaders

2016 Information

Angel Chiefs Cheerleaders are 3-5 year olds who want to cheer and dance with the 2016 Chiefs Cheerleaders. Mom or dad chaperone their daughter in this fun class, one Saturday a month from Noon to 1pm, June through September. Meet the Chiefs Cheerleaders, receive an official uniform and pom pons and attend a picnic and Halloween party! No tryouts are necessary. Let your child participate in a fun and non-competitive environment. (Limit one parent per child in the classroom)

Location: The 2016 Angel practices will take place at a convenient YMCA location close to you. The three locations include Blue Springs, Olathe, and Parkville. You pick your location!

Registration and Membership Fees: The 2016 Program will be utilizing the same uniform design as 2011-2014 seasons. If you are a returning Angel CC from 2011-2014 AND your uniform still fits, you will register as a “Veteran” and will not receive a new uniform for the 2016 season. If you are new to the Angel CC program and/or you need a new uniform, you will register as a “Rookie” and will receive a uniform and poms for 2016.

  • Rookie Angel Chiefs Cheerleader Fee - $155 (receive uniform & poms)
  • Veteran Angel Chiefs Cheerleader Fee - $80 (re-use 2011-2015 uniform & poms)

Full payment is required before the Angel can receive any of the items listed below.

• Official Uniform:  Uniform with Angel CC logo (if registered as a “rookie”)

• Official Pom pons (if registered as a “rookie”)

• Jr CC practice t-shirt

• Group Angel CC photo (photo to be taken at the Angel Picnic)

• Monthly Practice – Taught by the 2016 Chiefs Cheerleaders

• Autographed poster of the Chiefs Cheerleaders

2016 Angel CC Schedule:

  • Saturday, June 18 – Practice # 1: Noon – 1pm
  • Saturday, July 23  – Practice #2: Noon – 1pm
  • Saturday, August 20 – Practice #3: Noon -1pm
  • Saturday, September 17 – Practice #4: Noon – 1:00pm
  • Saturday, Ocotber 1 – Picture Day (optional) Scheduled times 11-Noon
  • Saturday, October 1 – Angel Picnic:  Noon – 1:30pm
  • Tuesday, October 25 – Angel Halloween Party:  7 – 8:30pm

Questions:   E-mail: or call 816-920-4847

NOTE: All registrations are final. NO refunds will be issued.