“Extra Yard for the Environment” is the Green Initiatives committee charged with the task of bringing the Chiefs to the forefront of green initiatives in our community. In support of these efforts, Extra Yard for the Environment is hosting a Recycling Drive in the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium on October 8, 2016 from 8AM-1PM. Please enter through Gate 2 off Blue Ridge Cutoff and follow the direction of staff and signage. The event will take place in Lot M where snacks, hot dogs, discounted Chiefs gear, Stadium tours, and bounce houses will be available as well as a “one-stop-shop” area for dropping off your recyclable items. Extra Yard for the Environment, Missouri Organic, the US EPA, and Bridging the Gap will be distributing information about recycling, composting, and green initiatives. A more comprehensive list will be available on site. Aramark will be offering 15% off coupon for a discount to the Pro Shop to all who recycle/donate. Together, you and the Chiefs can make Kansas City a better place to live for everyone.

Chiefs Kingdom Rewards members may also earn points for dropping off items.

Harvesters: Accepting all non-perishable food items excluding anything in a glass container
Black Gold Rubber Recyclers:

Bob cat $3.50, passenger $1.75, passenger on rim $5.00, mower/golf cart $2.00, bicycle $.50, motorcycle $1.00
** All pricing is for clean tires; Pricing DOUBLES for excessively muddy and debris filled tires.
** NO semi tires or larger accepted.

** Accepting cash or check only.

Habitat for Humanity Restore:  Building supplies including lumber (6 ft +), sheet goods (1/4 sheet +), roofing, brick, fencing, door supplies, new insulation, trim, siding (uncut or 6 ft +), tile (full), window treatments. Landscaping, Flooring, Furniture, Kitchen Supplies, Electrical Fixtures (no bulbs), Plumbing, and Tools
Langley Recycling: Non-working appliances, cast iron bathtubs and steam radiators, kitchen sinks, lawn mowers with drained fluids, sheet metal, cable wire, car parts, aluminum, metal frames with glass removed, old A/C units, electric motors. Not accepting sealed containers, paint cans, propane tanks, aerosol cans, oxygen tanks and batteries of any kind.
WCA Waste:
Comingle and Fibers: #1 PETs like pop and water bottles, #2 HDPEs like milk and juice jugs, detergent containers, #3 PVCs like household cleaner containers, #4 LDPEs like margarine tubs and 6 pack rings, #5 PPs like yogurt cups and syrup bottles, #6 Polystyrene, #7 plastics, plastic buckets, paper and cardboard products. In conjunction with Ripple Glass all glass food and beverage containers of any color (including mason jars and glass drinking vessels such as wine glasses)
Hope House:  All items must be in good used condition: clothing, accessories, books, footwear, toys, linens, and houseware
Secure e-Cycle:

All items that plug in for no charge.  CRT Computer monitors $15 and CRT TV’s (tube) $20.

** Accepting cash or check only.

Proshred: Off-site paper/document shredding.  5 box limit
Batteries + Bulbs: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries; Starting, Lighting, Ignition (SLI) Batteries– auto batteries, cell phone, laptop, digital camera batteries

Recylce Drive Lot Map