Chiefs Player Postgame Comments

Posted Aug 10, 2012


On his touchdown reception: “It was a good call by Coach (Brian) Daboll down on the 11. It looked like zero coverage and my guy blitzed and the defensive end didn’t peel on me. I was wide open, and it was good that Matt (Cassel) got the ball off and read it well.”

You ran well and caught the ball well tonight, is that a snapshot of what you would like to accomplish this year? “I believe that I have to approach everything in a humble way and everything would work out for me. We have a lot of talent on this team, especially at the running back position. Whenever I can get in there, I hope to do my best and hope to contribute to the team.”


Were you impressed with tonight’s offensive production? “Coach Daboll came up big tonight by calling the right plays, and the young guys did a great job of executing plays. We told the young guys tonight to ‘protect the house’ and they did that.”

What did you take away from the first team’s offensive performance? “We’re going to come in and look at it in the film room tomorrow, but we wanted to get out to a fast start. That’s what we did. We want to continue that through the season and make sure we have a fast start.”


On his impressions of his performance and contributions to the team: “I’m just doing the best I can to follow the routes and try and get open and make a catch. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, and I’m working on those every day.”


What’s the biggest take away as far as improvement is concerned? “I need to keep focusing on my technique and keep doing what my coaches tell me to do.”

What were you and DT Anthony Toribio talking about on the sidelines? “We talked to each other when one of us would come off the field. We’re just trying to learn from each other, and I’m just trying to gain as much as I can from him.”


On getting pressure on the quarterback tonight: “It was alright, it was good to get pressure up the middle, that’s always a plus for the defense.”

How much credit do you give Coach (Romeo) Crennel for giving you this opportunity? “He’s the head guy, and he’s giving a shot and trusting me to get the job done. I just have to fulfill it.”