NFL Network providing live coverage of Tuesday’s joint practice with Arizona

Posted Aug 7, 2012

GM Scott Pioli kicked off Tuesday’s coverage with an appearance on NFL AM

St. Joseph, Mo. –General Manager Scott Pioli kicked off the NFL Network’s coverage of Chiefs Training Camp Tuesday morning with a live appearance on the network’s new morning talk show “NFL AM.”

Pioli addressed several hot topics on the show including the preseason plan for Kansas City’s “ACL Team,” expectations for quarterback Matt Cassel and the training camp absence of franchised receiver Dwayne Bowe.

The NFL Network will continue its coverage of Chiefs Training Camp with live look-ins during Tuesday’s joint practice with the Cardinals. This will give fans a chance to view portions of practice live as it happens. Pioli will be interviewed again during the joint practice.

Tuesday’s joint practice with Arizona begins at 3:15 p.m. and runs approximately two hours.

Head coach Romeo Crennel will be interviewed live on NFL Network following Tuesday’s practice and so will Cassel.

Pioli’s appearance on “NFL AM”

Q: What did Romeo Crennel show you that made you bring him back?

“I think he showed a number of things. I mean he was very consistent and he motivated the team to play in three really difficult games and gave u a chance to win. The players’ response to his coaching and his style and also the preparation that he and the coaching staff had in those last three games and it was pretty clear he needed to be the guy.”

Q: Jamaal Charles, how will be utilized in preseason?

“I think that will be determined each week as to see how his health is but it’s not just Jamaal it’s all three of the guys who had the ACLs last year. All three of them are at different points, different phases. It seems like Eric is a little bit more ahead of the other two guys, but it’s a day-to-day thing. I hate to use that cliché but it truly is day-to-day where One day, one player has a little bit more swelling.
If we practice on the turf, they all seem to have a little bit more swelling or soreness, and it comes and goes. But that’s expected of anybody coming off an injury like that.

“I think there’s a chance, we’re hopeful right now, that these guys are going to get some looks not only in the practices together with the Arizona Cardinals, but also in the game this Friday night. And then we’ll just monitor that week to week. It really is just monitoring it day-to-day, practice-to-practice and game-to-game.”

Q: On acquisition of Peyton Hillis

“Peyton was a really good pickup for us for a number of reasons. I mean, he has a completely different style than Jamaal but Peyton is going to be used for different things. As we know, Peyton has really good hands and he’s been very productive in Brian’s offense. He had a big season several years ago, not only rushing but receiving. I think it gives us a lot of different opportunities to use them together, to use them separately and you know we have a couple of other backs like Dexter McCluster who is a receiver slash running back. We can use a lot of different combinations to make things happen we hope.”

Q: How is healthy are Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki after their knee injuries?

They’re as healthy as they can be. Knock wood, they’re as healthy as they can be up to this point. It’s just a matter of time will tell and when they start getting into more real situations and start getting more reps. Again, we’re managing their reps intentionally, but we’re also managing the reps of other players that had some offseason surgeries or had surgeries last year, so they’re coming along well also.

Q: When will Dwayne Bowe be in?

I’ve been pretty consistent in what I’ve said about it, and I think for everybody involved I have to remain consistent about it and I want to remain consistent because talking about it really help anyone or do anyone any good. It’s a situation where I can say something that’s seemingly innocuous and unfortunately it may be taken or spun into something else. Dwayne will be here when Dwayne wants to be here. Again, I don’t ever want to say something that could be taken the wrong way or look like a leverage play. It’s just not really fair to Dwayne or the Kansas City Chiefs to talk about it.

Q: How does Matt Cassel compares to Philip Rivers and now Peyton Manning?

“I don’t know if it matters how Matt compares to Peyton Manning or Philip Rivers or to Eli Manning or any of those players. What really matters is how he does for our football team. How he fits in together with the players that we have and the players that are around him. How does he fit in with the backs that we have. How he fits in with the receivers, the tight ends because again there are very, very few quarterbacks that are going to go out and win games completely by themselves.

“The job here is to make sure that we build a really good football team that includes a really good quarterback. Which we think we have. I’ve been with Matt in 2008 in New England and he won 11 games or was a part of a team that won 11 games. And two years ago we won 10 games with Matt won the division. I’ve seen Matt perform well, again two years ago he threw 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He’s a solid, good NFL quarterback and I think we can win a division championship with him.”

Q: Are expectations high for the Chiefs in-house?

“Again, I don’t ever set a number on expectations, or say that we’re going to win the division, I don’t believe in setting because so many things can happen between now, you know today, and the first game of the year. And then once the season starts between the first game of the year, as we saw last year unfortunately, that can hurt your team.

“Expectations should be higher than what they’ve been in the past; I mean it’s only right. We’re on our fourth season in this program. We’ve done a lot of work to retain very good players in Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali to Jamaal Charles and some other players but we’ve also added some other good players and, I feel like we have a really good coaching staff intact. Expectations should be high and when I say that I don’t mean for just the coaches and players, for me as well. We’re all in this together, and I don’t know how high they should be but they should certainly increase. Pressure’s a good thing and pressure makes everybody respond to the way that they truly are and I think that the pressure of increased expectations isn’t a bad thing.”