Posted Sep 8, 2005

In order to {further enhance fan safety and comfort, everyone entering Arrowhead Stadium} for Kansas City Chiefs home games will be subject to hand searches beginning Sunday, September 11, by order of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

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Pat-Down Policies

You and your belongings may be searched upon entry into the Stadium.  By tendering your ticket and entering the Stadium, you consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, its member clubs, their affiliates and stadium landlord, or their agents. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the Stadium.

In order to further enhance fan safety and comfort, everyone entering Arrowhead Stadium for Kansas City Chiefs home games will be subject to hand searches beginning this season, by order of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Ticket holders are encouraged to arrive early at stadium gates to help facilitate thispd1 additional security measure. All persons entering Arrowhead will be subject to and should expect to be patted down by security personnel as they proceed through the gates.

“Pat downs” of ticket holders entering NFL stadiums have taken place throughout the league since the events of September 11. Following discussions at a recent league meeting, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, along with team owners, determined that these hand searches should be a required stadium security policy at all NFL games beginning this 2005 season.

“This requirement is not a result of any specific threat,” Tagliabue insisted. “It is in recognition of the significant additional security that ‘pat-downs’ offer, as well as the favorable experience that our clubs and fans have had using ‘pat-downs’ as part of a comprehensive stadium security plan.”

Several NFL teams successfully used pat-downs as part of their security measures last season. Hand searches of all persons entering stadiums also were employed during all NFL playoff games last year. Pat-downs at stadium gates have been part of the Super Bowlpd2 security plan since 2002.

In an effort to move people through gates at a faster pace, the Chiefs have instituted a few measures of their own, according to team president Carl Peterson. Parking lots will open 3 1/2 hours prior to kickoff to allow fans ample time to tailgate. Express lanes for guests who are not carrying items to be checked will be available at all gates. Individuals conducting pat-downs will do so on a gender specific basis.

To avoid last minute crowding at the gates, Peterson encouraged ticket holders to enter the stadium earlier than usual.

“The safety and security of our ticket holders remains foremost in our minds,” Peterson said, “and we willingly comply with the commissioner’s ruling. We encourage fans to arrive early, enjoy tailgating but make your way to the stadium gates a little sooner so as not to miss a minute of the action on the field. With the league’s best kick returner in Dante Hall, you could very well miss an opening score.”

The pat-down policy went into affect September 3 when Arkansas State hosted the University of Missouri at Arrowhead and will continue through all Arrowhead games and events.