Posted Apr 29, 2007


Q: You are coming into a situation where this team has a pretty good running back already; are you ready to compete?

SMITH: “Yes, sir. Kansas City has a great history of running backs and I’m ready to be a part of that history.”

Q: What did the Chiefs talk to you about when they called you?

SMITH: “They told me that they were very interested in me and that they liked the type of runner that I am. They just said that they were very excited to have me as a part of their team.”

Q: What kind of runner are you?

SMITH: “I’m a cutback runner. I like to find the cutback lane if it’s there. I don’t cut it back automatically, but if the lane is there I take it.”

Q: How are you at blocking?

SMITH: “I believe that is an asset for me. I’m not the best blocker; I feel that is a faze of the game that all running backs can work on. For the most part, though, I feel that I am a good blocker.”

Q: What do you think you have to do to get on the field and show these coaches your skills?

SMITH: “First and foremost I need to show them that I am an unselfish player and to go out there and just do all that they ask of me. Being drafted is a great honor and now I have to show them that I have the courage and will to do anything that they ask of me whether it is play on the special teams or running back.”

Q: Did you play any fullback at Louisville?

SMITH: “Yes, for my first two years I started at fullback.”

Q: Your cousin is Bears S Mike Brown. Has he told you anything about what to expect in the NFL?

SMITH: “No, the only thing he has said is that he can’t wait to meet up against me on the field. That’s about the only thing we’ve talked about.”

Q: What did you like about the Chiefs organization when you visited here?

SMITH: “I liked it when coach Herm Edwards spoke at a dinner reception we had. I just knew that he was a straight forward and motivational guy. Being with the running backs coach James Saxon and everyone else there; I just felt like it was a great spot for me to end up.”