Romeo Crennel Postgame Comments

Posted Aug 10, 2012

Opening Remarks: “One of the things we talked to the team about was winning our first game at home and we were able to pull that off tonight. Another thing we wanted to do was to see how this new offense would operate; how the new special teams coach and units would operate. And we felt like they did a good job, particularly the first half with the offense driving the ball down and getting a score; the defense coming on the field and getting a stop to put the offense back on the field and got another score, then the defense got another stop so you’re feeling pretty good when those kinds of things happen because we needed to see the offense be efficient and put points on the board, so those things are good. I thought overall the special teams units did a good job in the second half. We had some return opportunities there which helped. Overall I thought we did a good job in the first half; I liked the first half play other than the three points we gave up toward the end of the half. The second half wasn’t as good but we were playing some other people who haven’t been in the system as long and who were still trying to get their feet on solid ground as far as their playing ability is concerned and what they are capable of doing. The second half – we have to improve upon that. We have a lot that we need to work on and will work on. We feel good about getting the victory, that’s a positive for us, and there were good things that happened. Players had good performances, even though you didn’t have a full game of performance, but some guys flashed and showed they have the ability to help this team. We’re excited about that. We’re going to go back to work and get ready for the next game where we play in St. Louis. We’ll do that and try to win that one as well. If you can win on the road in the NFL that’s a plus for us, so we’re going to try to put that focus from this point going forward to that game and try to win on the road.”

Were there any injuries that you were made aware of? “No. Usually, if there’s something to note, they’ll [the medical staff] come to me and tell me. They didn’t come to me at all tonight, so that’s a good sign.”

So if the preseason is all about evaluation, how would you evaluate your offensive coordinator on those first two drives? “Well, on the first two drives they did a good job. Didn’t do as good of a job in the second half, but neither did the defensive coordinator in the second half.”

What would you say about Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll’s first two drives in terms of play selection and pacing? “Brian is a very focal coach, preparation-wise, he prepares for everything. He was getting into a rhythm. As a play caller you want to be able to get into a rhythm and I thought he was able to get into his rhythm. He knew what he wanted to call, he knew what the opponent was giving us, and he knew what to do to take advantage of that. So as a result of it we were pretty efficient. I thought he did a pretty good job.”

What’s been your experience in the preseason? If the team can build a little momentum in the preseason, does it necessarily carry over into the regular season? “You always start with a clean slate because everybody is 0-0 in the win-loss column when the regular season starts. I think it depends on the maturity of your team and where you are. Indianapolis used to lose every preseason game and then kill everyone in the regular season. But if you have a young team, being able to win some games helps their attitude, helps their preparation and then it can bode well going into the regular season.”

Do you see the strength of this offense being a possession, ball-control-type offense, which is a familiar offense to a lot of Kansas City fans? “Tonight that’s what it was but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be that same way every week because when we game plan we look at the opponent and try to figure out what we need to do against the opponent. And then try to take advantage of their weaknesses. Is it ball control this week? It could be an empty, throw the ball all around next week. You just never know from week to week.”

Is RB Peyton Hillis’ play tonight what you expected of him: “Exactly. That’s what I was hoping for when we signed him because he has shown that he has the ability to be a good runner, he can catch out of the backfield and he can block as well. I thought tonight he showed us a little bit of that – his ability to get through the line, run through tackles, has great vision on making his cuts. He’s a good addition to the team.”

RB Jamaal Charles takes a hit on his knee on his first carry and gets right up. How much of a relief was that? “That was a relief because I know his ability and for him to take that hit, I think that helped clear his mind of where he is with that injury because until you get hit on it, you just never know, you’re always wondering about it. But now he’s taken a hit and he’s been in a game and that will help him going forward. He got outside a couple of times and wasn’t able to keep his balance and fell, but I think that will come and he will be able to keep his balance, turn some of those runs into big runs.”

Dwayne Bowe was seen in Kansas City’s airport, that he was in town to sign his tender…Is there any update on that situation? “I wasn’t at the airport so I don’t know if Dwayne was in town or not. I’ve just been working with the guys that have been here and getting them better. We made some plays in the receiving game. We missed some plays in the receiving game. We’ll work on that and go from there.”

What did you see out of DT Dontari Poe tonight? “He made some strides tonight as far as understanding how this game needs to be played by him and I think that he’ll be better down the road.”