Succop Ready for Irrelevant Week

Posted Jun 16, 2009

succop2He who is last, shall be first.

And so it is that the last player selected in the NFL Draft will be given first-class treatment in just a few days when Mr. Irrelevant, K Ryan Succop, arrives for an incredible lineup of activities for Irrelevant Week XXXIV.

Succop was the 256th player taken in the draft in April, when the Kansas City Chiefs selected Succop, a kicker from the University of South Carolina.

Succop – yes, it is pronounced “Suck-Up” – makes his grand entrance on June 22 at the “Kick-Off Arrival Beach Party” at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. There will be food, music and plenty of fun activities. Given that Succop is a kicker, this “kick-off” promises to be very special.

Kickers spend a lot of time on the sidelines, but Succop won’t be idle here. Where is he going after the beach extravaganza? He’s going to Disneyland! And on Tuesday, too, when the lines aren’t so long. But that is not all. Irrelevant Week also includes an Angels game that night! We will explain to him this whole “yes, they are the Los Angeles Angels, but they play in Anaheim, so don’t get confused” business.

On Wednesday comes “The All-Star Lowsman Banquet” at the Newport Beach Marriott. The Lowsman is a highlight, and the theme is “Celebrating Successful Underdogs.” Celebrities and NFL players, past and present, will roast and toast Mr. Irrelevant under the firm-handed guidance of Irrelevant Week founder Paul Salata.

As if that is not enough, and it would be for some, on Thursday is the “Succop The Surf” party on the sand at Newport Beach. When evening rolls around, Succop goes sailing as a guest of the Balboa Yacht Club. Then it’s on to the fabulous Malarkey’s Irish Pub in Newport for yet another chance to suck it up with Succop!

On Friday, we send Succop on his way to what is sure to be a major letdown when he journeys to NFL rookie orientation in Florida.

Behind all the fun is some serious business. Charities have been at the core of Irrelevant Week since the beginning. More than $1 million have been raised for outstanding community groups like Goodwill, Special Olympics, Big Brothers of America and many numerous others have benefitted from Irrelevant Week. A chief beneficiary this year is SPIN – Serving People In Need.

For more information, visit the Irrelevant Week website at or call 949-263-0727.