106 Games, but this is my first

Posted Oct 23, 2012

One of Pro Football’s longest rivalries as seen through a rookie’s eyes.

106 times the Kansas City Chiefs have contended against the Oakland Raiders. 106 times they have battled head to head. 106 times we’ve loved to hate the Raiders, but this is my first taste of Raiders week!

Growing up, I was a passionate Dallas Cowboys fan. I’ve since traded in my star for a membership to the Kingdom. Although I’ve known of the rivalry between Oakland and Kansas City, this Sunday will be the first time I will experience the heated competition from the front lines and I simply can’t wait.

After talking with coworkers and other Kansas Citians, the rivalry between the two AFC West foes is palpable. In 1960, the ill will began to brew from the very first snap. It all got underway on September 16, 1960 in Oakland when the Chiefs (at that time the Dallas Texans) defeated the Raiders 34-16 and there began a storied battle that pit two franchises against one another for decades…no, generations to come. Almost 30 years before I was born the two teams had formed a bitter competition and have since met for 106 games.

Things to know before the 107th match up
As I understood more and more about the smash mouth rivalry, it peaked my interest to do some research on the history of these two teams to be more prepared for the 107th brawl. To refresh your memory (and to also take some copious notes!) of the long standing match up, here are some quick facts about the two teams and their noteworthy encounters.

• In Arrowhead, the Chiefs boast a 22-18 record against the Raiders (here’s hoping they can push it to 23).

• The Chiefs held a nine-game winning streak from 2003-2007, the longest streak by either squad in the series. That winning streak ranks as the second-longest mark by the Chiefs against any one opponent.

• In 1982, they only faced off once due to a 57 day long players strike which reduced the season from 16 games to nine.

• In 1968, ’69 and ’91 they met three times to battle for a championship; the Chiefs lead the post season series, 2-1.

• In no venue except for L.A. Memorial Coliseum have the Chiefs been less than .500.

• The two have played in eight different venues – Cotton Bowl, Municipal Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, Kezar Stadium, Candlestick Park, Frank Youell, L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Oakland-Alameda Coliseum.

• The largest margin of victory in the series was on November 8, 1964 when the Chiefs won at home 42-7.

• The Chiefs are one of only two other teams in the NFL (Packers and Patriots) that have a winning record against the Raiders that have met in more than 10 contests.

• Only four times have the games gone into overtime.

• Kansas City leads in total points at 2,147 while the Raiders have accumulated 2,049.

The 107th contest is not only a chance for the Chiefs to get back into the win column but to end the five game Oakland winning streak at Arrowhead.

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