2013 Flag Warriors Announced

Posted Jul 22, 2013

You see them run across the field when the Chiefs score; they keep the crowd loud and proud as they hoist the team colors and run end zone-to-end zone at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs Flag Warriors are relied on to help keep the Chiefs Kingdom pumped up and cheering loud for their team.

“These guys have what it takes to keep Arrowhead Stadium on their feet,” Stephanie Judah, Director of Chiefs Cheerleading and also oversees the Chiefs Flag Warriors. “We had a group of men audition for the 2013 Flag Warriors last week and it was exciting to see the participants’ enthusiasm.”

After completing applications online, each potential Flag Warrior arrived at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex to learn two of the four routes that are run on game-day. They spent time learning the exact methods, how to run and keep timing with someone else and how to carry a 12’ x 6’ flag while running 100 yards. 

“It’s not easy, it’s really difficult to hold the large flag while running across the field,” Judah commented. “Once everyone learned the routes, they began running in front of judges who were evaluating the accuracy of the route, how well they ran with their partner, how they held the flag and the form of their running.”

After the routes were evaluated, they then went through personal interviews with each of the judges. And, in the end, the final Flag Warrior Crew was announced.

This year’s crew includes six veteran runners and two rookies who are sure to add to the energy on game day. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Chiefs Flag Warriors!

Josh Alholm

Zach Alholm

Jason Claspill

Wade Fitzmaurice

Ryan Hartman

Will Hill

Zach Kahler

Josh Petty

Keep an eye out for these eight young men as they take the field at Arrowhead this season.


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