730 Days

Posted Mar 23, 2012

Reflecting on 65 Toss Power Trap Productions over the last two years

Robert Alberino is the VP of Media and Marketing for the Chiefs. He has won numerous awards in the production industry and is a former Film Maker for NFL Films.

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As the seasons begin to change, and with the NFL Draft just more than a month away, the production arm of the Kansas City Chiefs continues to work diligently uncovering stories, creating features and going where no other cameras or production crews are allowed. 

Through all of that work, though, this is also a time to stop and reflect on what 65 TPT has accomplished as a group. The growth that this production crew has fostered in only two short years continues to amaze me.

In March of 2010, I arrived in Kansas City and met a group of talented and eager producers, writers and visionaries who wanted what I wanted. That was for the Chiefs to be known as a team breaking media frontiers across all platforms of media.

I wanted Arrowhead Stadium to return to being a force for the team and I wanted the gameday production at the stadium to be the catalyst in both igniting the crowd and propelling our Chiefs during critical moments of the game. I wanted to be populated with top-flight video and editorial content, embarking on a movement of making a video destination rather than just another team-affiliated website.

The transformation of making that happen was arduous. When complete, however, it was evident in many forms that we were accomplishing what we had set out to do.

Progress came in the form of Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider, coach wirings and unparalleled access to the Draft Room when Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli and the football staff were choosing the future of this proud franchise.

Progress came in the form of accolades never before seen by the Chiefs; seven Emmy Awards and trophies from such prestigious outfits as the New York Festival. The NYF Award was not only a first for the Chiefs, but also the first of any team in NFL history.

Progress came in the brilliant and explosive form of pyrotechnics that lit the night sky on a stormy Monday night at the Truman Sports Complex. It came in the form of Arrowhead being recognized as the NFL’s top stadium show. Again, another first for a team primed to do great things.

All of this...and the renaissance is not over.

The 65 Toss Power Trap Production Crew has a lot in store for 2012. From the newest show that is currently running every month - Chiefs Red and Gold - to a new program that can be seen online and also over the air this fall - The Chiefs Kingdom – will trigger new ventures for the Chiefs and their faithful.

The new programming is not limited to just television shows. The Chiefs are now taking over all production and delivery of the 2012 Preseason Games as well. 

Training Camp coverage, draft coverage, inside access, exclusive features and vignettes will all be commonplace as the year continues on. Since the beginning of December 2011, the 65 TPT crew has traveled across the country from the biggest cities to the smallest towns to find you, the fan, the most compelling and original stories offered at a team level, in any sport. 

That is all good news. However, there is great news. 

We have only worked together as a group for 730 days.  Two years. I can only imagine the incredible growth that we will experience in the next two years.

I am hoping that, as Chiefs fans, you will also be with us on this journey. It’s a journey that will hopefully find our Chiefs achieving great things, giving us the opportunity to cover the next chapter in an already storied franchise.

65 TPT Crew Members (Left to Right): Josh Looney (Chiefs Insider), Jodain Massad (Producer), Brad Young (Producer), Dana Witt (Production Manager), Adam Pellegrino (Producer), Wil Blackwell (Producer), Robert Alberino (V.P. of Media and Marketing), Steve Sanders (Team Photographer).

Not Pictured: Lance Brown (Manager of Internet and Social Media), Mitch Holthus ("Voice of the Chiefs").

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