8/18 Headlines: Travis Kelce Comes Up Big

Posted Aug 18, 2014

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1. Travis Kelce comes up big for the Chiefs again

Second-year tight end Travis Kelce keeps showing the Chiefs what they missed last season.

Kelce, who missed all but one play last season because of a bothersome knee that required microfracture surgery, caught a 47-yard touchdown pass from rookie Aaron Murray in the third quarter of the Chiefs’ 28-16 loss to Carolina on Sunday night at Bank of America Stadium.”    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Panthers

2. Penalties a primary culprit in disappointing effort for Chiefs’ starters

The referees brought their penalty flags to Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, and unfortunately for the Chiefs’ starters, they were not afraid to use them.

The first penalty of the game was called on the Chiefs — an offensive holding call on right guard Zach Fulton — and it was a theme that continued throughout the first half, as the Chiefs’ starters racked up seven penalties for 93 yards, compared with only two for 20 yards by Carolina. For the game, Kansas City had 13 penalties for 131 yards, compared with four penalties for 32 yards for Carolina.”    READ MORE…

3. It’s only an exhibition, but Chiefs show reasons for concern

The first guideline of NFL preseason football probably should be like the rule from that movie, “Fight Club”: Don’t talk about exhibition games. Or dwell on them, for that matter.

It’s one team’s vanilla extract vs. another’s brand of blandness, one team’s experimentation with things it would never do in the season vs. another’s rapid-fire shuffling of personnel.”    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs don't just have blocking, coverage problems -- they've also got a RED ZONE problem

“For a team that uses the word "finish" more times than the lady at the Home Depot paint counter, the Andy Gang sure seems to be having a hard time, to this point, grasping the concept.

Grasping jerseys, now, that they've got down.”    READ MORE…

5. Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly from Sunday’s loss to the Panthers

1. What was up with all the first-half penalties? The offense had it’s fair share, but let’s focus on the defensive penalties — two pass interference calls and one illegal contact (which was waved off) in one half. Unfortunately that’s life in the new NFL, where you’d better not touch receivers beyond 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs’ corners, in general, aren’t the speediest bunch, so they’ll need to rely on legal physicality and technique to make up for it. They obviously have some work to do.

2. Is it officially time to worry about Eric Fisher? Perhaps. To the naked eye, he didn’t play well. He gave up a quarterback hit, whiffed on a cut block on a running play and was also whistled for holding. But left guard Jeff Allen also gave up a sack, and Knile Davis whiffed on a block up the middle that resulted in a sack. It’s the preseason, so these games really mean nothing, but the offensive line has been an area of concern since camp began, so their progress from now until the regular season bears monitoring.”    READ MORE…

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