8/5 Headlines: Chiefs, Smith Seek Contract Middle Ground

Posted Aug 5, 2014

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Camp notes: Kansas City Chiefs, Alex Smith seeking contract middle ground

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“ST. JOSEPH, MO ‐‐ The negotiations between the Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith are ongoing, with the dialogue maintaining on a regular basis and the team looking for creative ways to secure him for the future, according to several sources. To this point, however, they haven't been able to bridge a few gaps, but the Chiefs are willing to cut into their considerable cap space to strike a deal, and there are no plans to stop exchanging proposals.

Smith has said he would cut off negotiations if they became a distraction, but that's unlikely to be the case here. Smith is as smart as they come, and he has a power agent, Tom Condon, handling the business of the negotiations. Talks have remained cordial between Condon and general manager John Dorsey and there is an interest on both sides to find common group ... that's just particularly tricky at the quarterback position…” READ MORE…

Photos: Training Camp 8/4

Chiefs' Charles sets sights on Hall of Fame

Excerpt from The Associated Press

“ST. JOSEPH, Mo. ‐‐ At some point this season, likely within the first couple of games, Jamaal Charles will slide past Larry Johnson and breeze past Priest Holmes to become the Chiefs' career rushing leader.

It's a goal, sure. But it's only a rest stop on the way to loftier expectations…” READ MORE…

Is Alex Smith better than a 'mid‐tier' quarterback?

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“The Cincinnati Bengals signed Andy Dalton to a new contract that competitively compensates the quarterback while giving the team an out if Dalton stagnates.

It's a contract that shares DNA with the team‐friendly deal Colin Kaepernick received this summerfrom the San Francisco 49ers. Has a precedent been set for how the majority of quarterbacks will be compensated going forward?...” READ MORE…

Why Bengals' Andy Dalton’s contract means nothing for KC Chiefs' Alex Smith’s deal

Excerpt from The Kansas City Star

“Another quarterback somewhere between average and Aaron Rodgers has another new contract, and the initial takeaway from some is that Alex Smith must be next.

Don’t fall for it…” READ MORE…

Ex‐Nebraska guard Ricky Henry getting his shot with Chiefs

Excerpt from The Kansas City Star

“In their quest to replace the two starting‐caliber players they lost to free agency (Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz), the Chiefs have certainly not been shy about rotating players in at right guard during training camp.

Second‐year pro Rishaw Johnson, who earned some playing time in a reserve role last season, opened camp with the first team but steadily lost reps to rookie sixth‐round pick Zach Fulton…” READ MORE…

NFL Preseason 2014: Top 5 Preseason Games

Excerpt from Sports Southwest

“Week 3 is normally the dress rehearsal for teams. Most teams play their starters well into the third quarter. This will be a very important game for Teddy Bridgewater and whether he is the starter come Week 1 of the regular season. The Vikings defense needs to show improvement. Their secondary was horrible last season. Mike Zimmer is hoping that he can have a similar effect on the Vikings defense as he did with the Cincinnati Bengals defense.

Alex Smith is playing for a contract extension. His continued growth in Andy Reid’s offense will be important to the Chiefs taking another step forward this season. Jamaal Charles has proven himself to be a top‐tier running back in the league. If the passing game can become more consistent and add in a few more explosive plays, it could become a top‐five caliber offense…” READ MORE…

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