Andy Reid's Tuesday Press Conference Transcript

Posted Dec 31, 2013

Coach Reid discusses further playoff preparations


“Alright, the guys that will not practice today will be Tamba (Hali) – still has a little bit of knee inflammation. He was at the walkthrough. And then, James-Michael Johnson will not practice with the ankle sprain. Everybody else will be out there and practice. Dwayne (Bowe) will be out there and everybody else will be out there. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Colts. We’re in the playoffs now, so it’s two good football teams playing each other and our guys will work hard this week in preparation. We’re going to play a good football team.”

Q: It’s a shorter week, but because you’ve played the Colts and you rested a number of starters this past weekend, is it less of an issue that it’s a short week?

REID: “Right. I think you get that any time, so I’m okay with [the] short week, who we play. I’m okay with it anyway, but it does help that we know them and I’m sure they’re probably saying the same thing. But yeah, that helps.”

Q: This week is just getting started, but do you see any tangible results from resting players, are guys maybe a little more refreshed?

REID: “You can’t tell right now, just with the walkthrough. They walked well.”

Q: Do they normally walk well?

REID: “Yeah, they normally walk well.”

Q: Has Dwayne Bowe been cleared to play?

REID: “He’s cleared to practice right now and they’re going through all the tests. I don’t even know exactly all the different steps they take, but he’s cleared to practice as we go today.”

Q: You have some battle-tested veterans with playoff experience. How valuable is that experience of those guys from a leadership perspective?

REID: “I think it’s helpful if you’ve been there. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be functional, if you haven’t been there. It really comes down to that you prepare yourself right. At this stage you respect everybody, they’re all good football teams that are playing this weekend. You go in and you study, you study the opponent, you study the game plan and you go and you get yourself ready – whether you’re a veteran or you’re new to the playoffs.”

Q: When you see a team that led the league in fewest giveaways and fewest penalties, what does that tell you?

REID: “Well, they got us by four and it was our game that were the four. I understand how that works and we have to eliminate the turnovers that we had in that particular game. They did a good job of getting us a few times. And then, obviously, you’re striving to create turnovers on the other side. That’s a challenge I think both ways – both offensively and defensively. They’re efficient with the ball, they don’t have a lot of penalties that are called against them and they don’t turn the ball over much. That’s this time of the year, you’ve got to eliminate mistakes. Mistakes get magnified in the playoffs.”

Q: When you see a team that makes so few self-inflicted errors – penalties and turnovers – what does that tell you about the team? Is that something that coaches are big on?

REID: “They’re probably saying the same thing on the other side. We’re kind of somewhere in that area, although it didn’t prove out that way at the last game. You’ve got to block, you’ve got to tackle, you go back to the fundamentals and you’ve got to be sharp there. We have to make sure that as coaches we are putting players in a good position and when you’re in a good position to make a play, you make a play. That’s how this thing works at this time of year. Like I said, any mistake ends up being magnified in the playoffs and so you’ve got to have your A-game.”

Q: Do you feel like they caused that, a few weeks ago, or do you feel like you had a bad day?

REID: “I think there was one they caused there, for sure. And the other ones, we need to make sure we take care of the ball. But there was one they got us on.”

Q: Do you think this team has played a complete game yet this year with all three phases playing at their highest level?

REID: “I guess somewhere along there we probably have. As a coach it’s probably a little bit like a farmer – your work is never done, right? So, you never come out as a head coach feeling like everything is completely an ‘A .’ There’s always room and areas to work on. That’s how it goes; so, we’re always striving to be better in all phases.”

Q: Can you speak on the comparison of the turnarounds that both the Chiefs this year and the Colts in the past couple of years have made?

REID: “Well, last year I thought the Colts did a very nice job of taking a team that hadn’t been doing too well and had a big quarterback change, personnel change, new coach, new general manager and they turned it around and played good football. We were able to do that this year, and we haven’t reflected too much on that, because we still have more to go here. That’s how you approach it. But there are some similarities there, I would tell you. I know Ryan Grigson, I know Chuck (Pagano), they go about their business. I think they’re well-coached and I think they have good personnel and they have tough guys in there.”

Q: Can you quantify the role that the quarterback has played in each organization?

REID: “Yeah, Andrew (Luck) is very good. Kind of different ends, Andrew (Luck) is just starting off and Alex (Smith) has been doing it for a while. So that part’s a little bit different, but the end result is kind of the same – it is you’ve got good leadership and good football players that can execute the offense and can manage the game well for you.”

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