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Posted Jul 23, 2010

A pictorial tour of The New Arrowhead

When it comes to The New Arrowhead, seeing truly means believing. Pictures simply don’t do justice to the beauty of this renovated, state-of-the-art stadium that holds true to its historic roots, yet is able to enhance the gameday experience for every single fan in attendance.

The experience at The New Arrowhead begins as soon as you enter the parking lots. Every detail of the Arrowhead experience has been evaluated from parking, security, how fans are greeted when they enter the stadium, to the music they hear before, during and after the game.

The quality and selection of food, beverage and merchandise have all received upgrades as well. So have the smallest of details, right down to the landscaping surrounding the building (22,000 plants are on site).

There really is something for everyone at The New Arrowhead. Take a look for yourself in this pictorial tour, narrated by Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt…

1)   The Club Level

Hunt: “As you drive up to the stadium, you no doubt notice the Club Level as it is one of the most dominant features of The New Arrowhead, as it encircles the entire building. In total, this level is 231,000 square feet; that’s roughly the same size as the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

“On gameday this level will host around 8,000 fans who will have access to a climate-controlled environment as well as upscale dining and beverage options. It has one of the best ratios of points of sale to customers in the NFL, and we think our fans who are members of this level are really going to enjoy it.”

2)   Jan Stenerud Signature Suite

Hunt: “In total, there are 126 different suites and boxes in the building. This is part of our highest level of suites, the Signature Suites, which are located on the 50-yard line. They are among the biggest suites in the NFL at nearly 1,000 square feet and can host up to 32 customers on gameday.”

3)   Tower Club East

Hunt: “This is made up of 14,000 square feet and is one of 18 different spaces in the building capable of hosting special events and banquets. Our desire in the design was to make Arrowhead a building that can be used year-round and these banquet spaces will give us that capability.”

4)   The Foolish Club

Hunt: “The name harkens back into the early days of the AFL, and my fathers founding of the AFL, who went to take on the NFL. He and his business partners became known as ‘The Foolish Club.’

“We thought it would be fun to take this space as a reminder of the early years of the league and of the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. On the opposite side of the stadium, we have Club IV, which is a dedication to Super Bowl IV and the Chiefs triumph as World Champions in the 1969 season.

“I think that this area will be a lot of fun and our fans will be able to see the logos from the original AFL teams and images from the first 10 years of the Texans/Chiefs – including the championships in 1962, 1966 and the Super Bowl in 1969.”

5)   The Founder’s Plaza

Hunt: “There is a dedication planned here one week from today. This is one of the most special areas in The New Arrowhead for our family. As the name implies, it’s named after my father and will feature a heroic sized statue of Lamar.

“The plaza in general harkens back into the early day of the AFL. The eight fountains represent the original eight AFL franchises. The logo of the AFL is in the middle of the plaza with my father’s initials in it, and engraved into the ground is the most famous play in Chiefs history – 65 Toss Power Trap – remembering back to Super Bowl IV and that great touchdown score.

“The plaza also includes stones throughout, many of them from our season ticket holders with the inscriptions that they wanted to be a permanent part of The New Arrowhead. Then we also have approximately 20 of my father’s most significant contributions to pro football and the world of sports memorialized in stone.”

6-7) The North Club (overlooks Founder’s Plaza)

Hunt: “This is the largest of the club spaces in the building. In total, the renovation added 500,000 square feet to the building and a significant chunk of that is on the club level and on the upper/lower concourses of the building. This space is capable of hosting banquets of almost 1,000 people and features three large projection television screens to assist in hosting banquets. This area also houses a very lovely fireplace.

“In total, there are six fireplaces in the building and in the fall/winter fans will appreciate having a space to warm up.”

8-9) The Founder’s Club

Hunt: “Images of my father are featured throughout the club, and it’s designed with a sports bar feel. It will be open to all of our fans on gameday, on a membership basis. It will have a very diverse food offering on gamedays and a sports ticker going on around the bar so that fans can keep an eye on scores from around the league.”

JL: One of the special things about this club is that the Chiefs Ambassadors (former players) will spend time here before and after the game, offering a chance for fans to rub shoulders with some of the greats in Chiefs history.

10-11) Team Store

Hunt: “For those fans who tried to buy a cap or shirt in the old Arrowhead, they know that was one of our greatest shortcomings – a lack of stores where our fans could buy their favorite Chiefs merchandise. This store is 1,000 square feet, has a full variety of Chiefs merchandise and I think it will be a place where our fans will gather pre-game, in-game and post-game.”

JL: You can get your jersey personalized right here, on site.

12) Sports Lab

Hunt: “This is a unique space that we’re very proud of and we’re not aware of anything like it in the entire National Football League. It’s dedicated to school-aged children and is designed to, in a very fun way, communicate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

“One of our focuses is to make sure that The New Arrowhead is a year-round destination, and this was designed with that in mind. The space was designed in cooperation with Kansas and Missouri school curriculum, so we expect to have many field trips come to Arrowhead.”

13-14) Upper Concours/Upper Deck

Hunt: “One of the things that was important to us was to make sure that every fan on every level had a significantly upgraded experience. Here we have a bar, which during the winter will have radiant heating and we also have a greatly expanded concession area.

"There is also much additional space throughout the concourses. This area gives you an idea of how much concrete went into the project. In total, 115 million pounds of concrete and almost 11 million linear feet of rebar were put into this stadium. To give you perspective on that amount of rebar, that’s enough to stretch from here to Orlando, Florida…and back.”

15) HyVee Entrance

Hunt: “This gate to the stadium is sponsored by HyVee. The customer experience is important and we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that the Arrowhead experience is better than it’s ever been. There are 40% more access points and that’s designed to give tailgaters a chance to get into the gates right before kickoff.”

16) High School Champions

Hunt: “In the west end zone we have a wall dedicated to the high school football champions of the state of Kansas and in the east end zone we have a wall dedicated to Missouri’s high school champions. Although the stadium is about the Chiefs, it’s also about the community and we felt that it was important to include a recognition to football at all levels in the stadium, and to honor the champions each year.”

JL: There is also a wall dedicated to the Big XII Championship and three walls dedicated to the Chiefs work in the community, including the Chiefs five NFL Man of the Year Award winners.

17) Hall of Honor

Hunt: “This is one of the truly special places in The New Arrowhead. When we entered the design process, one of the things in the back of our mind was that the new stadium needed a museum.

“We looked at several options, including one that would have a separate entrance from the stadium. After thinning it through, and working with the NFL, we concluded that we wanted our Hall of Honor to be open to fans on gameday. So here we are in the lower concourse on the south side of the stadium at approximately the 50-yard line. Every fan who has a seat on this level will be able to enjoy this space.”

JL: There will be a special dedication celebrating the completion of the Hall of Honor on August 5th.

18-19) Horizon Level

Hunt: “Although I would be hard-pressed to tell you what my favorite part of the stadium is, this would certainly make the list. In some ways it was a bit of an accident.

“This level was originally designed for our ADA patrons to give them a place to watch the game from the upper deck. As we continued in the design process, it occurred to us that we could open up this entire deck and add concessions and restrooms. It will be a place for all of our upper-deck patrons to get something to drink, something to eat and keep their eye on the game.

“For those of you who have been in other NFL stadiums, you’ve likely seen decks in the end zones where fans stand and congregate, even though they have seats. It’s the communal aspect of our fans getting together and having the experience of watching the game, while also having access to amenities. This level also has tremendous view of Kansas City from every angle. I think it will become a fan-favorite over time and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone found me here on gameday."

JL: There are also HD televisions in this area of the stadium, giving the upper deck its own unique club level fell.

20) Penthouse Suite and surrounding level

Hunt: “The Penthouse Suite seats 91 and is designed for the patron who is interested in a suite experience, but who doesn’t want to buy an entire suite. A person could buy one, two…or however many seats they would like in here, and it includes food and beverage. With the views it will be a very lively place for fans to watch the game.

“This level also houses the press level of the stadium. I want to mention that we can seat 225 written press, which is an increase of over 100 from the old stadium. We picked that number because it is sufficient in hosting games like a Big XII Championship Game, a World Cup Game or even a Super Bowl in the future.

“This level also has the visiting owners suite, radio booths, coaches booths and houses the ‘mission control room’ for the stadium.”

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