Arrowhead Report: Friday, Sept. 24th

Posted Sep 24, 2010

Charlie Weis touches on Jamaal Charles' in-game workload

Practicing at the place of the test is now becoming a late week ritual for Todd Haley’s Chiefs. What was originally scheduled to be a mid-morning practice in the backyard, ended up turning into a final tune-up at Arrowhead Stadium Friday.

“I don’t know if there is any benefit or not, but I like being up there,” Haley said.

On the injury front, things don’t look promising for Tyson Jackson (knee) or Ryan O’Callaghan (groin) this Sunday. Neither was able to practice this week and both are listed as doubtful vs. San Francisco.

O’Callaghan has now been officially out of action for one full month, while Jackson hasn’t practiced since injuring his left knee vs. San Diego on September 13th. Haley also added that the upcoming bye week would have no impact on whether or not injured players suited up this Sunday.

“I’ve said it a bunch of times that I need everyone now and not later,” Haley said. “If it is something that is not going to be something detrimental or that our doctors feel like isn’t going to be worse, then I’m looking for tough guys that want to come out and be a part of this.”

If O’Callaghan can’t go on Sunday, which looks to be the case, the Chiefs will enter their third straight ballgame with just two active offensive tackles. Barry Richardson will start at right tackle this Sunday, while Shaun Smith is expected to get the call at left defensive end.

Chiefs Official Injury Report

Tyson Jackson (doubtful – knee)

Ryan O’Callaghan (doubtful – groin)

Reshard Langford (questionable – ankle)

Wallace Gilberry (probable – back)

Tamba Hali (probable – foot)

Jon McGraw (probable – hamstring)

Weis on Charles’ Workload

Chiefs offensive coordinator cleared up a few things about Jamaal Charles’ workload on Friday afternoon. Here are the message points that Weis drove home.

1)      Begin with the end in mind

“They are both capable of (carrying the football 20 times a game),” Weis said, referring to Charles and Thomas Jones. “But you have to think along with the head coach; think about the big picture and the length of the season. You have to be thinking about Week 7, Week 8, Week 12 and Week 14. You can’t just be thinking about one game and one game only. We look at them both as frontline players.”

2)      Charles’ offseason shoulder surgery has no bearing on his current workload.

“No,” Weis said when asked if it did.

Eye on Clausen

Weis wont’ be paying attention to the Carolina Panthers game on Sunday, as they play at the exact same time as the Chiefs. But when he gets home from Arrowhead on Sunday evening, Weis will probably check the Panthers/Bengals box.

Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen, Weis’ starting quarterback for three years at Notre Dame, will be making his first NFL start this weekend.

“I’m openly biased towards Jimmy,” Weis said. “He’s one of my guys. I’ve talked to him a couple of times this week and I know that he’s really excited.”

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