Arrowhead Report: Wednesday, October 6th

Posted Oct 6, 2010

News and Notes from Wednesday at Arrowhead

The Chiefs went into full Indy game-plan mode on Wednesday afternoon, following three bye-week practices that served as additional opportunities to ready for the Indianapolis Colts. It was the first on-field practice since last Thursday and, from the looks of it, the Chiefs successfully used their bye week to get healthier.

Tyson Jackson continued to make progress with his injured left knee, after first participating in individual drills towards the end of last week. Today, he strapped on a helmet for practice, though still did not participate in full. Jackson practiced in shorts rather than full pads, but his limited participation was an upgrade from last week.

Jackson said that he’s unsure of his playing status for Sunday, but is continuing to push the limits of the rehab process.

“I would love to be back out there with my teammates,” Jackson said. “I see those guys working their butts off out there trying to get better. I’m just staying out there with those guys and have been trying to help out as much as possible.”

Reshard Langford (ankle), who had not been seen at practice since appearing on the Chiefs injury report September 24th, was back outside with his teammates and worked out on a stationary bike. Ryan O’Callaghan (groin) continues to rehab to the side of the fields as well. He did not participate in practice and has been out of action since August 24th.

Despite the three players listed on the injury list, head coach Todd Haley is pleased with his team’s health improvement over the long weekend.

“We’re relatively healthy across the board,” Haley said.

Former Chiefs Safety Getting Involved

News broke earlier this week that Colts safety Marvin Bullitt will miss the remainder of the season due to a broken bone in his right shoulder. With Bob Sanders also unable to play, the Colts are razor-thin at the safety position.

In his conference call with the Kansas City media today, Colts head coach Jim Caldwell confirmed that former Chief DaJuan Morgan will be one of the reserves getting the call to step into a more extensive role this weekend.

“He’s learning the system and is certainly a very willing guy,” Caldwell said of Morgan.” He’s studious and tough and he’s making progress. His role is certainly going to increase some; it just depends on when and where.”

The Chiefs released Morgan in the final cuts of training camp. A third-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft, Morgan played in 28 games (two starts) with the Chiefs and tallied 34 tackles with a fumble recovery. The Colts signed him on September 15th.

In addition to Morgan, Brandon King could also factor into the mix on Sunday. King has missed Indianapolis’ previous two games with a hamstring injury, but practiced in full today. The Colts also signed veteran Aaron Francisco and promoted rookie Mike Newton from the practice squad for help at the position.

Freeney Surprised By Lilja’s Release

Indianapolis DE Dwight Freeney called former teammate and current Chiefs right guard Ryan Lilja “family.” Lilja’s new teammate, Brian Waters, had similar things to say today about Lilja. Both wonder why the Colts decided to cut Lilja loose this past spring

“He had been with us for six years and you’re always kind of surprised when a guy who has been there, been there, been there…then all of a sudden he’s not there. You’re like Wow.’ But that’s the nature of football, we all understand that and it’s going to happen to everyone at some time.”

“He’s a family guy around here, just how he is around the locker room and his camaraderie,” Freeney continued. “There are some guys that you miss and Ryan is definitely one of those.”

Need a Ride?

Offensive success in Indianapolis has been tied to one man for the better part of more than a decade: Peyton Manning. Next to Manning every step of the way has been longtime offensive coordinator Tom Moore (1998-present). Moore, 71, now officially serves as the Colts’ senior offensive assistant.

Prior to a storied tenure with the Colts, Moore coached for the Saints (1997), Lions (1994-96) and Vikings (1990-93). But following a two-decade career in the college game, Pittsburgh was Moore’s first NFL stop (1977-89). Ironically, Moore lived right down the street from a young Todd Haley.

“Tom Moore took me to a lot of Steelers games because my father was generally on the road scouting, he didn’t get back into town until a lot of times Sunday morning or right before the game, late Saturday and wanted to sleep when he got in late Saturday,” Haley explained. “So Coach Moore picked me up every morning for a lot of years and he towed (assistant offensive line coach) Pat Perles before he went off to college and myself in there to the Hilton and pack up some steak sandwiches and take us over to the stadium. A lot of great memories of Coach Moore that every time I see him I think about and that’s not even counting training camp and all those things. He’s a great coach, a great person; he didn’t live but a couple streets down from us. Always fond memories.”

More Unbeaten Charts

Last week, after much demand, we posted a historical playoff chart for teams that started their season 3-0 or better. Dating back to 2005, 77.8% (21/27) of the teams that began their season at 3-0 or better made the playoffs. The teams that missed the playoffs were Denver (2009 and 2008), the New York Giants (2009), Buffalo (2008), Dallas (2008) and Cincinnati (2006).

Well, now we’ve scavenged up another interesting chart. This time it outlines the final unbeaten teams from each of the past 10 seasons.

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal posted short article about the lack of undefeated teams this early in the NFL season. They did the initial homework and we expanded it to find out final records and playoff percentage. Take a look…

1st Week With One Undefeated

2010 Chiefs – Week 4 (Final Record ????)

^*2009 Colts – Week 15 (Final Record 14-2)

*2008 Titans – Week 6 (Final Record 13-3)

^*2007 Patriots – Week 9 (Final Record 16-0)

^*2006 Colts – Week 9 (Final Record 12-4)

*2005 Colts – Week 5 (Final Record 14-2)

^*2004 Eagles – Week 8 (Final Record 13-3)

*2003 Chiefs – Week 8 (Final Record 13-3)

^*2002 Raiders – Week 5 (Final Record 11-5)

^*2001 Rams – Week 4 (Final Record 14-2)

*2000 Vikings – Week 8 (Final Record 11-5)

^*1999 Rams – Week 5 (Final Record 13-3)

^indicates Super Bowl participant

*indicates playoff team

That’s a 100% playoff percentage and a 70% Super Bowl appearance percentage among final unbeaten teams for the past 10 years. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it should be noted that it normally takes an average of 6.3 weeks for there to be only one undefeated team left. Last year, as you can see, it took 15 weeks before there was only one unbeaten remaining.

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