Arrowhead Report: Wednesday, Sept. 28th

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Chiefs add 15 new assistants to staff

Editors Note: Headline should read "Arrowhead Report: Tuesday, Sept. 28th"

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has taken a new approach to the Chiefs bye week. Rather than simply reducing the number of bye-week practice snaps for his veterans, Haley decided to put them to work…with a hat, whistle and call sheet.

On Tuesday, the first of Kansas City’s three bye-week practices, 15 veterans coached their respective position groups alongside their daily position coaches. The scenery included Brandon Flowers holding a football to direct the cornerbacks through pass drops, Tamba Hali leading pass rush instruction and Ron Edwards sending his fellow defensive linemen through the chutes.

Some of the players, like Terrance Copper, dressed in identical clothing as typical Chiefs assistants and were hard to tell apart from the real thing.

“(I’ve had) a lot of different discussions with veteran players through the last year and asking about what parts of bye week they like, what they don’t,” Haley said. “I came to the conclusion that veterans didn’t like bye week period. In that time of thought I came up with this thought of getting some of our leaders and veterans, different reasons for different guys, a little more involved in the communication process with the other players.

“Through one day I’m happy with how things went,” Haley continued. “I thought it was a real productive day for us. I definitely got a little bit better today. Now it’s important we continue that movement tomorrow.”

For the players, the day offered a glimpse at the other side of what goes into preparing a team, and they also had a bit of fun along the way.

“It was great team building and it was great for guys to see it from the other perspective,” LB Corey Mays said. “It’s something that we can all bring back in and give feedback.”

Following practice, we tried to talk to Chris Chambers about his day as a coach, but he declined and stated that he was late for a “staff meeting.” Ah, the demands of a player/coach.

“I’m using them to their fullest,” Haley said.

The 15 Chiefs who transformed into assistant coaches on Tuesday included:

Running Backs: Thomas Jones

Wide Receivers: Chris Chambers; Terrance Copper

Tight Ends: Leonard Pope

Offensive Linemen: Ryan Lilja; Brian Waters; Casey Wiegmann

Defensive Linemen: Ron Edwards; Shaun Smith

Linebackers: Tamba Hali; Mike Vrabel; Demorrio Williams

Defensive Backs: Travis Daniels; Brandon Flowers; Jon McGraw

Haley said that those players would serve as “assistant coaches” for the remainder of the week.

Injury List

Javier Arenas, Ryan O’Callaghan, Tyson Jackson and Reshard Langford would have all appeared on the Chiefs Injury Report had this been a normal practice week.

Arenas left Sunday’s game early after favoring his right ankle/foot/leg at the end of a special teams return. He was at practice today and worked out on a stationary bike.

O’Callaghan has been out of action since suffering a groin injury on August 24th and continues to rehab outdoors along with Jackson. Jackson has missed the past two games with a left knee injury, but appeared to be moving better today. Last week, Jackson told reporters that he is seeing daily progress with rehab.

Langford was the only player missing from practice today. He was inactive on Sunday and was a late-week addition to the Chiefs injury report due to an ankle injury.

Vote For Tony

The Chiefs have the chance to claim two of the first three NFL Rookie of the Week awards.

Following his franchise-record 94-yard Punt return TD, Dexter McCluster won the honors in Week One. Now, fellow rookie Tony Moeaki is on the ballot following a four-catch, 44-yard performance that included this TD grab that will be part of Chiefs highlight reels for years to come.

“Matt threw a really good ball,” Moeaki said. “I didn’t go into that play trying to make a one-handed catch. It was just kind of coincidence.”

The catch headlined SportCenter’s Top Ten list. Unfortunately, the slow-motion footage and multiple camera angles of the catch isn’t something that he’s been able to see yet.

“I saw it upstairs on the TVs, but I haven’t set up cable yet,” Moeaki said. “My friends and family tend to keep me updated on that stuff.”

The soft-spoken Moeaki isn’t one for personal honors, but his nomination is a testament to the impact that Kansas City’s rookie class has had on the Chiefs 3-0 start.

Moeaki is currently the Chiefs leader in all receiving categories with 12 catches for 123 yards and two TDs.


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