BYEing Time

Posted Oct 16, 2012

There’s no way around it, no easy way to phrase it, the Kansas City Chiefs are 1-5. They have an ample amount of potential on paper but have not exactly reflected that ability on the field, except for a come from behind overtime victory in The Big Easy. They were competitive, aggressive, and relentless and came home with a win but have yet to bring home another.

Facing a bye week, these next two weeks the Chiefs have a chance to reboot. They can take this time to revive their drive and passion to beat the opposition. These next two weeks head coach Romeo Crennel said he is putting on the blinders and focusing on forging ahead.

“Well, I think you put on the blinders and try to forge ahead because there is nothing that we can do about what’s said other than win a ballgame.”

Winning a ballgame will not only help hush the criticism but could also give the hometown fans a boost of much needed assurance.

“I think we must win, so that we can win and generate some confidence for this team and for our fans if nothing else” Crennel said.

A win can only come from improved performance. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, which is how Crennel plans to make progress.

“Practice and practice and practice. Repetition and repetition…That’s what you have to do, you have to keep working at it. If I don’t keep working at it then I might as well pack up my bags and go home. But I’m going to keep working at it, I’m going to try to get these guys better and then the team will be better as a result.”

Crennel and the Chiefs are going to keep working, keep pressing ahead. Hopefully, the work will pay off and Kansas City will witness the team that played with such passion and determination yet again.

Yes, the Chiefs are 1-5 but a bye week may be just the thing they need to push them to a victory.

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