Behind the Lens: The Top 10 Photos of 2016 – No. 6

Posted Mar 14, 2017

Counting down the season’s best photos in the Chiefs archives

“Behind the Lens” is an article series on that will highlight the top 10 photos from the 2016 archives every Tuesday over 10 weeks.

Chiefs photographer Steve Sanders, who has been with the team for more than 20 seasons, provides the commentary.

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No. 6 – Parker's Portrait

Chiefs 24, Jets 3

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2016
Model: Canon EOS-1D X
Focal Length: 294
Exposure Program: 1
Taken By: Steve Sanders
Sanders’ comments: “This was an in-game portrait, so it was in the bench area, and I think Ron (Parker) might have known that I was around taking pictures. When I got in his straight line of view, he made great eye contact with the camera, and what I like about this is just the way that his eyes kind of look through me. I don't know what was going on behind me, but his eye contact was amazing.

"I made this black and white because I thought it would be a little bit more impactful. I thought the detail you could get out of his hair and off his skin would just be a little bit crisper and it would be more appealing to look at in black and white.

"I gave it a border because one of the things I've been doing this year with the style of the black and white has just been adding this burned-off edge to give the picture a little bit more of a traditional black and white feel instead of a digital black and white."

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