Posted May 2, 2010

"Practice has been going well and I am trying to pick up the pace as quickly as I can..."

Q: Can you describe this last week for you?

CAMERON SHEFFIELD: “It has been a great experience. I am excited to be here. Practice has been going well and I am trying to pick up the pace as quickly as I can, but everything has been pretty good here.”

Q: You were a defensive end in college. Where do you think you are going to be playing?

SHEFFIELD: “Wherever Coach Haley decides to put me. Most likely I will probably be a linebacker.”

Q: How do you feel about that? How do you think the transition will be?

SHEFFIELD: “It is going to be a pretty easy transition. I am a pretty athletic player and I am willing to do the work and put in the time to make the transition.”

Q: What has been the most difficult part in switching from defensive end drills to linebacker drills thus far?

SHEFFIELD: “Probably a lot more running, that is probably the only difference. Other than that it is not too much of a difference as far as what defensive ends and linebackers do. Just a little bit more running.”

Q: At Troy did you ever have certain packages where you had to drop as a defensive end?

SHEFFIELD: “We did on certain packages where I had to drop, but mostly I was down rushing.”

Q: So is the fact that you have to drop back been a real change?

SHEFFIELD: “Doing it more often, yes sir. It has been a slight change but I am more than capable of making the adjustments.”

Q: Did they tell you your number one priority is to get to the quarterback and provide a pass rush?

SHEFFIELD: “They didn’t say that quite exactly. I am just doing whatever they tell me to do. I will find out my role sooner or later.”

Q: How much of an adjustment do you have to make from being down in a stance to being up?

SHEFFIELD: “Not much. We had a few packages at Troy where I stood up and played outside linebacker. It is nothing hard to do, I just have to put a little extra work into it to perfect it.”

Q: Who did you idolize as a kid?

SHEFFIELD: “As a kid, I would say Emmitt Smith.”

Q: So you didn’t idolize anyone on the defensive side of the ball?

SHEFFIELD: “No, as a kid I was a lot smaller then.” (Laughter)

Q: Do you model your game after anyone now?

SHEFFIELD: “I wouldn’t say that I model myself after anyone in particular. But if I did, it would probably be someone like Dwight Freeney or DeMarcus Ware.”

Q: So you actually wanted to be a running back?

SHEFFIELD: “Actually I was a running back up until fifth grade.”

Q: Have you told these coaches you can run the football?

SHEFFIELD: “No, I haven’t told them that.”

Q: Did you run into the weight problem in fifth grade?

SHEFFIELD: “Yes, I put a little weight on.”

Q: Isn’t saying DeMarcus Ware is a guy you look up to kind of something you have to do since you are both Troy guys?

SHEFFIELD: “Not necessarily, I guess. It is what it is.”

Q: What are your impressions of Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel?

SHEFFIELD: “He is a really good guy. He is really patient and teaches you and tells you what he expects out of you. I just have to listen and carry it onto the field.”

Q: Did having a Troy teammate here that was a linebacker help you?

SHEFFIELD: “He was wrapped up in his own stuff. He didn’t give me that much help.”

Q: Was there anything this past three days that shocked you?

SHEFFIELD: “Not really. Being a rookie I can’t really go in expecting anything. I just have to take it one day at a time.”

Q: How much different is the NFL playbook than the one you had at Troy?

SHEFFIELD: “A lot different, a lot more detailed compared to what we did at Troy. I just have to put more time into studying and really communicate with the coaches and ask questions.”

Q Now that it is more of a business, do you look forward to studying the playbook and not having to worry about math along with it?

SHEFFIELD: “Oh yeah, definitely. I am very excited about doing that.”

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