Posted Sep 19, 2012

RED Zone Reading Challenge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Chiefs are joining with Hy-Vee, Procter & Gamble and Kansas City Public Schools for the RED Zone Reading Challenge, a collaborative effort designed to encourage the healthy habits of reading and classroom attendance among all elementary school students in Kansas City Public Schools.

All elementary school students, kindergarten through sixth grade, in Kansas City Public Schools are eligible to participate. A total of 25 elementary schools will be taking part in the program.

The program is a point-based challenge that awards points based on the number of hours read and student attendance during the six-week timeframe. Students will score a touchdown (seven points) for every three-and-a-half hours of reading. Participants will earn a field goal (three points) if they have perfect attendance for the week. The reading program is currently open and will remain open until Monday, Oct. 15.

At the end of the six-week timeframe, the student with the most points will be the top overall individual. Top overall class and top overall school will be determined by dividing the total number of all points by class/school enrollment. Ties for top overall class or top overall school will be resolved by total class/school participation percentage and attendance percentage for the entire six-week timeframe.

The top-scoring boy and girl at every school will each receive two tickets to see the Chiefs take on the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 28, 2012. The top overall individual will be recognized at the Kansas City vs. Oakland game on Oct. 28, 2012, and will receive an autographed Chiefs football, a $100 Hy-Vee gift card and free Tide laundry detergent for one year. The top-performing class will earn a Chiefs classroom party complete with KC Wolf and Hy-Vee pizza. The top overall school will earn a full SMARTboard and projector, $500 worth of school supplies, a school visit from a former Chiefs player and the school’s principal will be recognized on Oct. 28, 2012 when the Chiefs take on the Raiders.

Additionally, Tide (Procter & Gamble) will donate five Qomo Tablets to each participating school at the end of the challenge. Tide will also be making a $5,000 donation to Mayor Sly James’ ‘Turn the Page’ initiative to further encourage students to start reading and learning at a young age.


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