Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 2, 2012

As a franchise, how will you help your players to cope with this tragedy? “We have brought in counselors who are going to be available. They were introduced to the team last night. They are some folks who have worked with us over the years. They are going to have resources [the players] can turn to. The league has offered to help us with that as well.”

What were your thoughts on playing the game? “I thought the right thing to do was for us play, if the players and the coaching staff wanted to play. Obviously, Romeo had been through a very traumatic event in the morning and I really felt it was up to the players [and him] to make that decision. He called the captains, at my urging, and they were all in favor of going forward with it.”

Who have you heard from in the last 24 hours? “I have heard from so many people throughout the National Football League and then, of course, friends and business associates as well. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. It’s been tremendous.”

What can you do for Romeo Crennel, Gary Gibbs and Scott Pioli to assist them with what they witnessed? “Counseling services will be available to them as well. As an organization, we really want to make sure we stay focused on them. They went into the mode of, ‘Hey, we have to play a game tomorrow and we have got a job to do,' but I also know they have a lot of pain on the inside and we need to be attentive to that and make sure it is being addressed.”

How did you come to the decision to have a moment of silence before the game? It was a tough line to walk considering the circumstances.”

What did you guys have to go through to make that call? “We talked about it yesterday afternoon. Obviously, a lot of the players were hurting because they lost a teammate and lost a friend. They were interested in doing something to honor his [Jovan Belcher’s] memory. Truthfully, the Chiefs lost two members of our family yesterday. Kasandra [Perkins] had been part of our Chiefs Women’s Organization and had done things in the community. My family knew her, all the wives knew her. We wanted to make sure we honored both families. It also brought some attention to the fact that they’ve got an orphaned daughter, Zoey [Belcher], who’s going to need looking after.”

Were there any signs physically or emotionally that might have signaled anything? “There really wasn’t. I’ve had a chance to visit with our doctors and coaches. He’s not someone we’ve ever had an issue with, in any regard.”

How would it have worked if the game would have been postponed? “We never got to that point. The commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I had a brief conversation about it. We didn’t come up with an alternative. I told him I wanted to hear back from Romeo and the captains and if we needed to head in a different direction we could.“

What is the Chiefs policy regarding handguns? “The league has a policy and we also have a policy that no body, players included, are allowed to have handguns in the facility. Obviously, [the incident] was a breach of that policy.”

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