Chiefs Community Caring Team – WRs Help Local Students “Catch” Healthy Habits

Posted Apr 9, 2010

WRs Help Local Students “Catch” Healthy Habits

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers were recently making a difference as part of the “Chiefs Community Caring Team.” During a stop at Frank Rushton Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas, the WRs spoke about the benefits of eating right and getting at least 60 minutes of activity a day. Following that, the seven Red and Gold WRs led the students in an obstacle course to support the school’s participation in the “Chiefs Play 60 Challenge.”

“This was a lot of fun,” noted WR Lance Long. “The kids took this obstacle course very seriously. It was great to see them all enjoying themselves while they were exercising. I think the funny part is that a lot of them didn’t even realize being active could be so much fun.”

The Chiefs and the American Heart Association created the “Chiefs Play 60 Challenge” to help curb the growing epidemic of obesity among our youth. This program inspires kids to get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day, be it in school or at home.

The “Chiefs Community Caring Team” includes members from the Chiefs organization who participate in community outreach efforts throughout the year. This includes not only position groups but also the Chiefs Rookie Club, Chiefs Women’s Organization, KC Wolf, the Chiefs Cheerleaders, the Chiefs Ambassadors, the Chiefs Red Coaters and members of the Chiefs front office.

This is just one of the team’s “Play 60” programming. Another is the Chiefs Sports Lab, opening in fall of 2010 inside the New Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs Sports Lab’s “in-school” program is currently being utilized by metro-area schools. This “in-school” program is complete with activity lockers and mini-labs. .


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