Chiefs Dustin Colquitt Takes Part in National School Breakfast Week

Posted Mar 11, 2016

Chiefs Community Caring Team visits local middle school for National School Breakfast Week

The Kansas City Chiefs, Fuel Up to Play 60 and the Midwest Dairy Association teamed up to celebrate National School Breakfast Week, which raises school breakfast awareness and promotes alternative breakfast options offered by school districts nationwide.

Santa Fe Middle School in Olathe, Kansas, was recognized for its innovative approach to tackling the issues of school breakfast. The “Second Chance Breakfast” option gives students the opportunity to grab a meal from the breakfast cart or a grab-and-go snack between the first and second hour of school.

On Thursday, Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt served breakfast to the middle school students and spoke about the benefits and importance of “fueling up” in the mornings with a nutritious breakfast.

“Breakfast is proven to show more attentiveness,” Lynelle Munn, the field supervisor at Food Services in Olathe, Kansas, said. “Kids that eat breakfast are the ones that don’t show up hungry until their lunch times. Some lunch times don’t begin till later, and if they did not have their breakfast in the morning, it’s been a long time since food and nutrition has been a part of their schedule.”

Three out of four public school teachers of grades kindergarten through eighth say their students regularly come to school hungry. The lack of participation in breakfast programs across the country affect students’ concentration, academic performance, behavior and overall health.

“I remember growing up about 11 o’clock I was starving,” said Colquitt, “and in school, if you're feeling those hunger pains, you're not going to be concentrating a lot, so I think that it helps them achieve a lot better concentration which leads to better grades. They're more focused.”

Leading by example, Colquitt tweeted out his balanced breakfast option to fuel greatness prior to the event.

As a result of Fuel Up to Play 60 and the School Breakfast Program’s efforts, more than 13 million students made better food choices by selecting healthier options. And in addition, nearly 16 million students are getting more physically active during the school day.

“Fuel Up to Play 60 is a partnership between the National Dairy Council, The National Football League, and the USDA, and it really helps to encourage students to eat healthy, getting all those food groups in,” Robyn Stuewe, a registered dietitian and program manager at Midwest Dairy Council, said. “We bring in that Fuel Up piece of it, and the Chiefs also bring in that physical activity side of it and encouraging students to be active. We get to work with the Chiefs in our local market to help promote that message.”

“It takes a lot of big players to kind of put together a program like this,” Colquitt added, “and I think it helps them sustain through a long day of school and post-school activities.”

Kansas served more than 17.7 million breakfasts throughout 2015. As a result of the weeklong school breakfast promotion last year, Kansas schools served 200,755 more breakfasts in March 2015 as compared to the number of breakfasts served during March 2014, according to the Kansas State Department of Education’s Child Nutrition & Wellness program. There were a total of 1,700,151 breakfasts served to Kansas students during March 2015.

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