Chiefs Fans Brought Big Numbers in 2013

Posted Jan 17, 2014

Television Ratings Top 5 in NFL

It’s no secret that Chiefs fans are the greatest in the NFL, they are known for making Arrowhead Stadium one of the loudest venues in the world. But, did you know that Chiefs fans are also raising eyebrows with record-breaking television ratings?

205 million NFL fans tuned in to catch their team compete this season, but Kansas City was among the top of the list proving that home or away, Chiefs fans support our team.

In fact, Kansas City ranks in the top five of the highest rated local market average in the NFL, behind only the New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers.

According to a report from the Sports Business Daily, the Chiefs saw the biggest local jump in the NFL, with ratings in Kansas City up 41% for the 2013 regular season.

In 2011, the Chiefs finished with a 7-9 record and a household rating of 33.3% during the regular season, dropping in 2012 to a 2-14 record and a household rating of 30.3%. With a league-high increase, in 2013 the Chiefs Kingdom produced a househeld rating of 42.9%, as the Chiefs moved from two wins to an 11-5 record and a chance in the playoffs.

The Chiefs also made the list of the top five most watched games in the NFL this season, with 28.1 million viewers tuning in on Sunday, December 1, 2013, to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face the Denver Broncos.

The Chiefs have another big season ahead in 2014 and are scheduled to face opponents with high ratings as well, including the final four 2013 playoff teams. The Denver Broncos were ranked second with a 43.5% rating, the Seattle Seahawks ranked just below the Chiefs at a 38.6% rating, the New England Patriots with a 34.1% rating and the San Francisco 49ers at a 22.6% rating, while also sharing a market with the Oakland Raiders, who, by the way, came in last (10.9%).

The 2013 NFL season brought in big numbers all the way around, a record setting season for NFL viewership. According to The Nielsen Company, the 2013 NFL regular season reached 205 million unique viewers, representing 81 percent of all television homes and 70 percent of potential viewers in the U.S.

NFL games accounted for 34 of the 35 most-watched TV shows among all programming last fall, the only other programming that made the cut was NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with 25.2 million viewers and ranking 22nd.

Plus, for the second consecutive year, an NFL game was the week’s most-watched TV show in all 17 weeks of the season and 22 NFL game telecasts this season were watched by at least 25 million viewers, which is nearly triple the total for the full 2012 season (eight). 

To see all of the local market ratings, click here.

Thank you Chiefs fans for being the greatest fans in the NFL and supporting our team home and away.

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