Chiefs Flag Warriors Announced

Posted Jul 7, 2014

Meet the 2014 Chiefs Flag Warriors

Recently, 52 Chiefs fans gathered at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex to audition to be a Flag Warrior.

A Chiefs Flag Warrior runs across the field when the Chiefs score; they are responsible for keeping the crowd cheering as they hoist the team colors and run end zone-to-end zone at Arrowhead Stadium.

“During the games, the Flag Warriors have to be enthusiastic, energetic and keep the crowd excited,” Stephanie Judah, Director of the Chiefs Cheerleaders, said. “We had an incredible group of men audition and it was awesome to see how passionate everyone was about the Chiefs.”

Not only do the Chiefs Flag Warriors run out after a touchdown, they also have the opportunity of running out with the flags to introduce the players onto the field

“We line up right in front of the players as they wait in the tunnel for their cue to run on the field in front of the Sea of Red,” Wade Fitzmaurice, 3rd year Flag Warrior, explained. “The music starts, the cheerleaders run out of the fog onto the field and then we sprint out holding the Chiefs flags, nothing gets better than that. We run through the fog, cueing the 80-foot flames and then the players follow. It’s incredible.”

 After completing their applications online, each participant arrived at the complex to learn two of the four routes run on game-day. They spent time learning the exact routes and how to carry a 12’ x 6’ flag while running 100 yards. 

“It’s a lot harder than it looks,” Judah noted. “These guys have to have the stamina to run across that field and back during every game, wave that heavy flag, while keeping their arms straight so the flag is visible throughout the stadium. It’s a really difficult task.”

After the routes were evaluated, they then went through personal interviews with each of the judges.

“I can't wait to energize the Chiefs Kingdom by waving that magnificent red and white Arrowhead across the field,” Austin Klaus, newest Flag Warrior, explained. “I've never left Arrowhead Stadium with a voice and I certainly don't intend to break that trend this season; encouraging others around me to do the same and take pride in having the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Congratulations to the 2014 Flag Warriors! 

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Zach Alholm

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Wade Fitzmaurice

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