Chiefs GM Scott Pioli On The Retirement Of Mike Vrabel

Posted Jul 11, 2011

Chiefs OLB Mike Vrabel officially announced his retirement from the NFL Monday morning - he'll join the coaching staff at Ohio State University

“It was an honor and a privilege to be on the same team with Mike for 10 seasons. Mike was a great college player that came into the NFL as a third-round pick and role player. Eventually, he made himself a starter and a champion. It’s no coincidence that Mike won championships everywhere he played – from his time at Ohio State to his role in division titles on three NFL teams.

"His genuine love for the game, his preparation, his work ethic, leadership and dependability are qualities you want from every player. He is a champion in every sense of the word and I’m confident all of these qualities will make him a great coach. I cannot overstate my respect for him as a person and a football player. If there were a Hall of Champions, Mike Vrabel would be a first ballot selection. ”

-Scott Pioli, Chiefs General Manager

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