Chiefs' Goal Remains the Same, Finish Strong

Posted Dec 28, 2012

Team shows no signs of quit in preparation for Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs (2-13) are in the final practice week of their 2012 season. When training camp began on July 27, it is likely that not many people predicted the Chiefs would earn two wins out of 15 games. Now, in its final performance of the year, the team faces a tough Denver Broncos team and the temptation to begin looking for improvement for 2013. Nonetheless, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel remains focused on the present task at hand.

“You kind of maybe let that run through your mind a little bit, but you don’t dwell on it because you have to dwell on the here and now,” Crennel said. “After the season when you evaluate the team, evaluate the performance totally, then that’s when you can put that puzzle together about what you think you need to really improve the team.”

The ‘don’t quit’ mentality of the coaching staff has paid off, as well as the players’ desire to make the most out of each opportunity they’re given.

“I don’ think the coaches are going to let us do that (quit),” Chiefs WR Dexter McCluster said. “I don’t think the competitive nature that we have will ever let us do that because at the end of the day, we don’t want to go out there and just tuck our tails and be known as (guys) who went out and let the last week mean nothing to them. This is our job and this is what we love to do; I think everybody is going to go out there and finish and want to compete to win.”

Chiefs DT Dontari Poe spoke for his whole team, saying that idea of quitting on the season is nowhere to be found inside the team’s locker room.

“No, not even in my head and I’m sure that’s not in anybody’s head,” Poe admitted.

“We still have a game to prepare for and have a game we have to go out and try to win. So, the only thing on our mind is on is trying to right this season and end it on a good note and get this win. The season hasn’t gone the way that we want it to, but we prepare like we want to go out on a high note, so getting a win would do that for us.”

Fellow defensive starter, DE Tyson Jackson said the team’s final game is an opportunity to prove that its 2-13 record is not indicative of the team’s overall talent.

“As professionals, you have a job to go out there and get done; that’s our preparation right now, just staying focused on this game,” Jackson said. “This is a division opponent; we still have to go out there and get things done and evaluate ourselves. We have an opportunity to go out there and compete and put the best product that we have on the field.”

Perhaps Chiefs C Ryan Lilja put it best saying, “I’m not thinking about next year or anything like that; I’m worried about us; I’m worried about this group of guys that has to play one more game together and next year is next year.”

Next year may start positively for the Chiefs, if they can stop Denver’s current 10-game winning streak and enter the offseason in winning fashion.

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