Chiefs Hope for Same Result in Return to the Black Hole

Posted Dec 14, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs return to Oakland Sunday for an inter-divisional matchup with the Raiders. It’s the team’s first trip back to the Black Hole since its shutout victory (28-0) during Week-7 of last season.

Chiefs’ fans remember that game like it was yesterday. They watched their favorite team create six INTs, two of which were returned for TDs, by DB Kendrick Lewis and later by CB Brandon Flowers.

As great of a memory as that is for the Kingdom, both Flowers and Lewis speak about the game like they just came off the field.

“We had a lot of fun that game. ‘K-Lew’ set the tone with an interception for a touchdown the first series,” Flowers recalled.

“With that formation, I knew there was a chance that I’d get that route. I had a safety over the top, so I could afford to guess wrong. He ran the route I thought he was running and I got a great break and had to make a play, just like Kendrick had to make a play on his ball. Once I caught it, I saw nothing but green in front of me, so that’s when I had to take it for six.”

With that ‘pick-six’ came a little conversation between Flowers and Raiders QB Carson Palmer.

“I had to have a little fun while I was running into the end zone. There was a little trash talk going on out there. I definitely remember that pose; I was planning it all week. I just felt like doing it. I was sitting there thinking, ‘What if I got a pick, what am I going to do?’ and that’s what I came up with. I got in the end zone, got a chance to put it on, so I definitely enjoyed it.”

Lewis, who started the team’s six-INT game with an INT-return for a TD, also recalls that Week-7 game.

“I woke up feeling good,” Lewis said. “I was comfortable throughout the week making plays and an opportunity at the beginning of the game presented itself and I was able to make a play. We were in a cover-five defense, two-man and he threw and out route, I broke on it and cribbed it.”

Like Flowers, Lewis also had fun after his score.

“I just looked at the fans because they were so mad. They were just pointing fingers, hollering and screaming. I just dropped the ball and stared at the fans, just looking like, ‘Yeah, I just did that in y’all’s place’.”

The six-INT day made the contest almost a feast-or-famine type of game, when the dam broke, the Chiefs' defenders were in the right place at the right time and made plays.

“Everybody starts to want one (INT),” Flowers admitted. “Once one person gets one, the next one says it’s his turn. Once two or three of us got our picks, we just knew, we were up in the game and they were going to have to throw the ball and we would have a chance to get some more. So, hopefully we can go out there and start fast and try to do the same thing again (on Sunday).”

Lewis agreed with Flowers, admitting that once momentum started swinging in favor of the Chiefs, it never seemed to stop.

“It’s a great feeling. It just seems like everything’s clicking, everything’s working in our favor,” Lewis said.

“We’re doing the right things, the necessary things to get us in good situations to get our offense the ball, to make plays on defense. It just seemed like the flow of the game is always going your way, when you’re making plays like that and to top it off with six turnovers, it couldn’t have been any better feeling.”

Since that 28-0 victory, the Raiders regrouped and have visited Arrowhead twice, both victories by the Silver and Black.

“He (Palmer) definitely came in when they came here late in the season, they got a win, so I feel like we’ve been going back and forth, competing, going at it. He’s a good quarterback, who can go out there and make all the throws, so I’m looking forward to competing again in Oakland this Sunday,” Flowers said.

Meanwhile, Lewis was more specific about why the more-recent Palmer has been successful.

“He’s more calm,” Lewis said. “He’s more relaxed. He knows where his playmakers are, compared to when we played them last year. He’s fresh. He does a great job of getting the ball in their (playmakers’) hands.

Converted Chiefs DB Javier Arenas described last season’s turnover feast and hopes the team approaches Sunday in the same mindset.

“(It was) a lot of guys flying around, enjoying themselves, playing great football. Kendrick had an outstanding interception on the out route; Flo (Brandon Flowers) had an outstanding interception for a touchdown on the curl route, guys out there playing with swagger. We have to bring that same demeanor to this game this weekend."

Carson Palmer has thrown 22 TDs and 14 INTs this season; however the only numbers the Chiefs are concerned with come on Sunday, when the clock reads zeroes.

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