Chiefs Issue Rookie Numbers

Posted Jul 29, 2011

When the Chiefs hit the practice field Friday afternoon for the initial on-field workout of training camp, a number of new faces will be wearing new jersey numbers. The team distributed jersey numbers to all rookie players earlier this week.

Here's what the Chiefs newest faces will be wearing this preseason...

Player (listed in draft order)   Number
WR Jonathan Baldwin   89
OL Rodney Hudson   61
LB Justin Houston   50
DL Allen Bailey   71
DB Jalil Brown   30
QB Ricky Stanzi   13
LB Gabe Miller   51
DL Jerrell Powe   95
RB Shane Bannon


Rookie Free Agents   Number
DL Brandon Bair   90
TE Charlie Gantt   88
OL Chris Harr   60o
OL Mike Ingersoll   77
LB Amara Kamara   60d
OL Butch Lewis   79
OL David Mims   70o
DL Lucas Patterson   68
WR Josue Paul


DB Demond Washington 32

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