Chiefs Look to Disrupt Colts' Chemistry during Arrowhead Finale

Posted Dec 20, 2012

KC Secondary talks about offensive threats

What a difference a year makes. This time last season, the Indianapolis Colts were 1-13, before ending the 2011 campaign at 2-14. The team released future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning in the offseason, later selected QB Andrew Luck with the number-one pick in the NFL Draft and it hasn’t looked back since.


The Kansas City Chiefs (2-12) will face Andrew Luck and the Colts at Arrowhead on Sunday. While Luck’s size, durability and strong arm are among many of his strengths, the on-field chemistry he has with his teammates, especially wide receiver Reggie Wayne is perhaps the most potent.

“Absolutely,” Chiefs DB Kendrick Lewis said. “(Wayne) He’s a guy that’s close to 100 receptions. Andrew Luck, when he needs a play, that’s who he goes to, that’s who he depends on and I don’t blame him, because (Reggie Wayne) he’s a veteran guy, he’s proven. He’s been doing it for a number of years, so that’s the type of relationship you see between those guys, a guy that he can depend on and count on through any situation."

Being a rookie QB, who is asked to help change a struggling franchise can be quite a burden to bear, but that’s not how Andrew Luck sees it.

“I think football is the greatest team sport out there,” Andrew Luck said.

“There are a bunch of guys around you. I’m thankful for how the guys treated me in the locker room. It wasn’t, ‘Oh, you have to do this, this and this.’ It was always a team thing. I’ve never been one to worry too much about, ‘I’m the No. 1 pick, I must be hitting these bench marks by these dates, or I need to be doing this, this and this, because the team couldn’t do this last year or what have you.’ I just tried to think about what I can do to get better and how I can help this team win.”

Chiefs DB Eric Berry says Reggie Wayne helps burden some of the stress that Luck faces on the field.

“He’s a reliable receiver,” Berry said. “He’s very crafty. He’s been in the game for a long time, so any time he (Andrew Luck) feels like any pressure is coming on him, I think Reggie Wayne does a good job of getting open and taking that pressure off of him.”

And with the pressure off of Luck, the rookie QB is extra dangerous.

“He’s a rookie, but he throws the ball like he’s been in the league; he’s not scared to throw the ball,” Eric Berry continued.

“A lot of people are on him because he trusts his arm too much, but I just think that shows a lot of confidence in what he’s trying to do. He’s always going to pose a threat of scoring quick and he manages the game very well.”

Those quick scores come by way of Luck’s strong arm and Wayne’s many talents.

“His (Wayne’s) strengths on the field are his routes, him catching the ball,” Lewis said. “He has great hands, he has great knowledge of dissecting coverages before the snap, as far as reading where the safety is rolling out, how the corner is playing, it’s just his all-around knowledge of the game.”

Reggie Wayne leads the Colts in receptions (97) and yards (1,234), tied for second in the league in both categories and has four TDs. While the Chiefs continue to watch film on Wayne, Kendrick Lewis may know him better than anybody.

“I’ve known Reggie since I was coming up as a young kid,” Lewis said. “He’s from New Orleans. He played at John Ehret High School, so I know Reggie real well and I know that he’s a stand-up guy and it shows on the field and off the field.”

But when asked if the kinship between the two will affect his play on Sunday, Kendrick Lewis answered quickly.

“Not at all,” Lewis promised. “Once it’s time to play ball, once we cross that line, there’s no friendship, it’s none of that, ‘I know you’, we have our relationship, we’ll talk about that before and after the game, but once it’s there, I’m trying to do what’s right for my team.”

And what’s right for the Chiefs, is to play solid football on Sunday, getting the Kingdom fans a victory in Arrowhead’s season finale.

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