Chiefs Player Postgame Comments

Posted Oct 2, 2011

From the outhouse to the penthouse in one week, how does it feel? “It certainly was a little bit of a roller coaster. I feel really blessed to have the opportunity today. This was a huge win for our team. I am really glad I could go out and contribute. Man, it feels good to get that first win.”

In pregame, kicking that direction, you barely snuck it over the crossbar from 52 [yards]. So, from 54 [yards], you were convinced you could make it? “Yeah, you know what; I felt pretty good hitting the ball all day. It was one those things you’ve got to get a great piece of the ball. I was able to put a good stroke on it.”

How did you feel after the last two games? “It was certainly a trying time. It was difficult. I know my faith certainly helped me get through that and to be able to persevere. To have a day like today, it’s unbelievable. I’ve just got to give all the glory to God because He’s given me the ability to be here. He’s really blessed me.”

Did this rebuild the confidence that you might have lost? “When you have guys like LS Thomas [Gafford] and P Dustin [Colquitt] snapping and holding for you, they do such a great job that I am able to go out and know the hold is going to be there. It’s going to be good. It really helps a lot. I just have confidence in them. Today, I was able to go out and put a good stroke on it.”

Did you do anything different this week? “It’s funny you ask. Coach Hoffman is as good as it gets when it comes to kicking coaches. I think one of the things I’ve been doing was my tempo was off a little bit. I was kind of rushing at the ball a little bit. I slowed it down a little bit. I feel very fortunate that he was there to help me with that. I slowed it down just a little bit.”

About LB Tamba Hali’s defense today: “You’ve got to mix it up at times. Tamba is a great pass rusher, one of the best pass rushers in the league. They always know where Tamba Hali is at times, so you’ve got to move him around a little bit. Tamba did a great job of fighting. Usually he’s going to have two guys on him. He just fought his tail off today and he got himself a couple of sacks.”

What was the message from Coach Haley to you all after the game? “Remember this feeling. It’s got to feel so good that you want to make it a habit so that we can have more of these.”

What is the feeling like in this locker room? “It’s a great positive vibe. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. All of the hard work you put in through the week – the game plan – worked today. Never take it for granted winning on a Sunday.”

Can you see where it is starting to come together with all of the hard work you’ve put in since the end of July? “Yes. This season is for the long haul. It’s not how quick you start, how fast you start, it’s about who can endure the most. Right now, we’ve endured a lot early. Hopefully, it will pay off for us big.”

What does a win like this do for the overall feeling of the team? Do you start believing in yourselves more? “Winning is contagious. It’s a good habit to win. The more you win the more confidence you have. This league is about confidence. Today, we had a lot a confidence at the end of the game.”

What was the mindset of the defense when you knew they had the ball, it was up to you guys to stop them and give it back to your offense to run out the clock? “The game is on us. Being a player, that is what you want. You want the game to be in your hands. We knew that as a defense on the sideline we talked about it. We prepared for it. Everybody encouraged everybody that the game was on us and (we said), ‘let’s play ball. Let’s buckle down.’”

Did you see a difference in the offense; they got fired up right before halftime? It seemed that everyone stepped it up a little. Did you feel that surge of energy through the team? “Absolutely. We build off (that). (We) build momentum off each other. We get it from each other. (If) the offense does well, we build off how they do. If the defense does well, we build off them. Today, we did a great job of doing that on both sides (of the ball). Even on special teams, CB Javier [Arenas], [Ryan] Succop did well. [Dustin Colquitt] punted the ball well. Everybody gave great effort. We were able to build on that and do some great things.”

What did you see on film that prepared you for what to do with QB Donovan McNabb when the game is on the line because in the past he has made mistakes? “He tries to get the ball to his players regardless if they are covered or not. He wants to get the ball to his playmakers, no matter how many people they’ve got on them. He wants to get the ball in their hands. If we get him in that situation, there are only a select few he wants to go to – the tight end, WR Percy Harvin, and 28 [RB Adrian Peterson]. We did good job. Coach (Haley) had a great game plan on those guys. We just came out and played and executed.”

How did it feel for the defense to get some clutch stops, specifically that last one? “It felt real good. Once the crowd got behind us, it felt like there was no way the Vikes could go out there and score and move the ball. The fans helped us out a lot today. I felt like the defense got its confidence back.”

It’s no secret around the league that you probably weren’t 100 percent since you got hurt. Did you expect them to come out and throw it at you? “I don’t go into game expecting to get thrown at. I knew when I got out there I had to be able to run those fast guys over there – those deep burners. I had to trust myself out there. I couldn’t think about if they were going to go at me or not.”

What does this win mean for this team? “Every week, we feel like we can go out there and win. We’re a streaky team. You know, if we can get something going, we’ve got a lot of young guys on this streaky team. If we get one win, we can build on it – take it one game at a time. We just wanted to get over that hump and get that first win. Once I think we got the first win, everything will settle back down and we’ll go back to playing Chiefs football.”


On his touchdown reception: “It was a simple hitch and go. They were rolling the coverage. Once I ran, I saw that Matt [Cassel] threw a remarkable ball. I double caught it and got chewed out on that, but at the end of the day I made the play. It was just a double move, hitch and go. Matt gave it some air and I just came down with it.”

On his run during the touchdown reception: “Coach likes to take pride on YAC (yards after the catch). All week, when I caught one, he’d make me sprint 20 yards downfield. So when I get my hands on it, I’m hearing him scream, ‘Get up the field! Get up the field!’ It just carries over in the game.”

How much is blocking a part of the game for you? “At least 50% of the game. We’re going to run it 50% and we’re going to pass it 50%. If you want to be one of the elite (wide receivers) you have to block. I take pride in that and Todd [Haley] takes pride in that. I love doing it because they’re hitting me all the time. So it’s just my turn to lay back some hits on them, so I make sure I do it well.”

On his contribution today: “There were a number of players going out there and making plays. That’s been our goal all year, and that’s what we’re going to do. There were tons of opportunities out there today, whether it was coming through the air or from the backfield. That’s exciting. That’s the type of things our offense has got to do to win games. You saw it on defense with the plays they played. It’s a good feeling.”

On finally getting into the win column: “It feels good. It’s the end of the first quarter (of the season). I think the biggest thing for us is to enjoy the win, but now we can move on. You saw the things we did on the field, offense & defense, and the plays we made. (The momentum) from prior weeks carries over. When we went out against San Diego in the second half, I think we took it into practice and carried it over into this week. No matter what’s called out there, when the players make plays, good things are going to happen. I’m so excited we won; just being out there and contributing. That’s the big thing. Just being able to contribute and help the team out. I’m so happy for these guys getting their first win, breathing a little bit. The biggest thing is going into next week focusing on the positive things, correcting mistakes, come out and get two in a row.”

What was the difference today? “I think overall as a team you play with a lot of confidence. Even when we were kicking field goals, the defense was playing well. They stuck in there and you would see the sideline get fired up after every big play. Guys were just making plays on the field. There were interceptions, big catches, Dex [McCluster] coming out of the backfield. It was exciting and when you have that type of momentum, whether it’s three or seven points, everyone is feeding off that. At the end, when you see that defensive stop, that’s just a good feeling. It’s contagious. When people make plays, it’s contagious. It affects the offense and defense.”

Overall, what was the offensive plan? It looked like you tried to take advantage of DE Jared Allen. “Be aggressive. You’ve got to take advantage of his aggressiveness. He wants to rush that field and we had to run right underneath him.”

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