Chiefs Player Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 18, 2011

On the game: “First off, I want to give a shout out to our team. We just stuck together as a team today. Coach Romeo [Crennel] told us to stick together as a team. People expect us to come out and lay down to the Packers, everybody is expecting us to lose, but we knew in the back of our minds that if we put together a complete game we had a chance to win. It showed today.”

On sustaining long drives: “We were just winning on first downs. Kyle [Orton] did a great job today. Kyle made a lot of stuff easy for us today. He kept everybody calm in the huddle and ran his offense today, big ups to him. We just won on first down and getting the pressure off us, made second down calls much easier for Kyle and our offensive coordinator. We just got the job done.”

Were you more relaxed out there today? “Much more relaxed. Everything was just simple. It was a straight game plan. Just go out there and beat your man one-on-one and that’s what we did every play.”

On the last seven days: “It’s been up and down … losing a coach and Romeo stepping in. Everything has been different, but everyone stuck together and took in what Romeo was saying and we came out and played tremendous ball today.”

On the recent organizational changes: “Change is good, but at the end of the day you got to give credit to the players. Coach Romeo Crennel went out and told us that nobody’s going to believe that you can go out and win this game, but we believed in this room. That’s all that matters and it shows today … our mindset changed. Of course Kyle Orton did a great job and was a big part of the win. I’m happy he’s on our team. ”

On the last seven days: “It’s been crazy with the media stuff, but on the field it’s been the same. We’ve just come closer as a team. When you see that a group of guys can get closer you can do some big things and today was a big part of that.”

How has your mindset changed? “You’ve got to get up for these games. I’m not saying you don’t get up for other teams, but this is a Super Bowl champion team, a team that’s been unbeaten. You have to find a win. Nobody gave us a chance. That didn’t really motivate us as we knew no one would give us a chance. That’s why football is a great game. It doesn’t matter what your record is or what you’ve done in the past, you’ve got to be better on Sunday.”

How much would you like to see Romeo Crennel become head coach next season? “That would be good and to keep winning for him. He’s our leader and a tremendous coach. We’ve just got to keep it going for him.”

What did Coach Crennel say to you after the game? “He just congratulated us. He felt good just like we did. It’s a tremendous win for the team, for the city and everything. I’m just proud right now.”

Did you get a hug from Clark Hunt? “He’s passionate. He loves this team and he loves when we play well. It’s a well-deserved victory for us.”

Did you actually believe you could win today? “I believe we can beat anybody. When we play complimentary football and play like we’re coached to, we should leave it all on the field and see what happens. I think everybody came out and played hard and prepared hard all week. We came away with a win and I’m excited.

On beating the undefeated Packers: “We know that they were a great team coming in, but we were confident in the group we have. Speaking from the defensive side of the ball, we knew we could get pressure on them with blitzes that Romeo Crennel dialed up in practice this week. And as a secondary, it felt like 7-on-7 out there today. We feel like we have the best secondary in the NFL and we wanted to go out there and go up against the best offense in the NFL.”

On covering the Packers WR Jordy Nelson: “That’s a great receiver right there. He had me on my toes all day. I just had to go in there and compete.”

On giving Romeo Crennel his first win as head coach for the Chiefs: “We want to play hard for this guy. We’ve been through up and downs as a defense, but he’s a great guy. He always stays positive. He’s a guy we want to play hard for. With him being a head coach, the offense felt the same way. We just want to keep winning for him.”

On approaching Pete Stoyanovich’s consecutive field goal record (22)…is this the longest streak (21) you’ve had at any level? “I would say so. I don’t really keep up with statistics very much. I can’t imagine I’ve had one longer than this.”

On playing for Romeo Crennel: “I think everyone in this locker room went out and fought their tails off. I think that this is a great win for Romeo and a great win for our team. We’re just happy to be part of it.”

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