Chiefs Player Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 24, 2011

On the last kick: “I’ll have to take a look at the tape. I can’t speak for all of the other guys. I just know that their guy obviously made a heck of a play.”

You had the opportunity, especially with Buffalo crushing Denver, to keep you playoff hopes alive. How bad does it feel in this locker room right now? “This is a hard loss because everybody in this locker room fought their tails off today. Obviously, all of the guys have bought in and we knew what this game meant. We gave it everything we had. It really hurts when you come out on the short end of the stick.”

When the team is driving and you are standing on the sidelines on the last drive, the team gets in field goal range, what is going through your mind? “I’m staying focused on the kick that is coming up. When we caught that pass out of bounds, I think it was WR [Terrance] Copper that caught it, he did a great job. QB Kyle [Orton] and the offense did a great job getting us in the position to kick a field goal at the end. For whatever reason, that’s how it worked out today.”

Buffalo took care of business and you had a golden opportunity today: “It’s disappointing all the way around. I think everybody knew that we had the opportunity. I think everybody knew that they [Denver] were going to lose. We just didn’t come out on top of this game. It’s tough. They gave us opportunities. As a team, we’ve got to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Considering you guys have had two coaches, three quarterbacks, and the [season’s] ups and downs, you guys had a chance to go into Week 17 with an opportunity to go to the playoffs. Does that make it [the loss] even tougher? “I think this is tough no matter what. When you wake up tomorrow, it’s going to be even tougher. This is a tough one [to lose]. We were in the position to win. We were in position to put points on the board throughout the game. When you squander an opportunity like that, especially an opportunity to maybe make it into the playoffs, it hurts. After all of the stuff we’ve been through, we fought. We kept fighting. This is one we knew coming into the game what was at stake and we didn’t come through.”

Why couldn’t you get anything going offensively today? “We’ve got to put points on the board. It’s not like we are getting anything going. We’re moving the ball, making plays. You have to score points in there [the Red zone]. We just haven’t been able to.”

On the game: “We had a tough game out there. We played an awful game. We had too many mistakes on our part and they capitalized off them. You do stuff like that in the NFL, that’ll get you beat.”

On the penalties: “We killed ourselves. Down in the Red Zone, it was second and one and got a penalty. It made it second and six. That set us back. We had a few turnovers. We’ve got to get better. That’s what we’ve been preaching all year.”

Last week, you were able to do things offensively. This week it didn’t look like you were able to do much. What went wrong? “Lack of execution. We had the right plays called. The 11 of us out there just did not do our best to execute the plays. We’ve got to do better than that. It’s a good thing that we’ve got another game coming up. This one hurts badly though, this one right here.”

Buffalo won today. You guys had the opportunity to make next week really matter: “It hurts. I will tell you that. We had the opportunity right there in our hands. We just let it slip through. I am at a loss for words right now. I am just mad that we lost.”

On the game: “You have to give credit where credit is due. Oakland fought hard. They made the plays that they needed to make to come out victoriously.”

You guys have been through so much and you went into Week 17 with the chance to win the division. “This team has fought hard all year. There are a lot of games in the NFL that are decided by three points or less, seven points or less. We’ve got to do our part to find a way to win and we didn’t today.”

What happened on that last deep pass to set them up for the field goal? “We’ve got to look at the film. I know I was on my side of the field in coverage. I’ve got to go to the film to see what happened on that play.”

Were you guys in man coverage? “We were in zone. But, you know, it was a great scheme by Oakland running the fake reverse.”

You’ve got another game to play: “Definitely, we’ve got to go out to Denver. They came here and beat us. That is our focus right now. It’s disappointing that we can’t play in the post season. I’m going to have to be ready to play another game. We signed up to play 16. We’ve got to go there and show those guys we can play.”

What did the Raiders offense do against you today? “They tried to slow me down a little bit. They had me on the ground a couple of times. They did a good job.”

On the game: “Coach did a great job of putting us in the right positions to execute the defense and to be successful. They got a couple of big plays, which, in this league, you can’t give them anything. We’ve got to go back to the film room and everyone’s got to correct their mistakes. I think this is definitely a team loss.”

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