Chiefs Player Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 9, 2012

TE Kevin Boss

Where did the momentum switch where you couldn’t get it back?: “We played well in the first half – offensively and defensively. We did some things that hurt ourselves and we just couldn’t recover.”

What about your touchdown catch in the first half?: “Matt (Cassel) through me a good ball. We’ve been working on that in practice. I was able to come down with it, but it is kind of meaningless if you can’t get the win to go a long with it.”

What does the offense need to work on?: “We have a lot to work on. We have a lot of football left to play, but there are definitely some things that we need to improve on as an offense. We need to take care of the ball and not hurt ourselves.”

S Eric Berry

What happened today?: “You saw the game. We just have some things that we need to work on as a team and a unit. We are going to work on that this week and get better.”

Can you blame any of that on the injuries to the secondary?: “We can’t be focused on the injuries because that isn’t something that we can control. The only thing we can control are the 11 guys on defense, the 11 guys on offense and the 11 guys on special teams and just rally together. ”

What is the number one problem with the defense?: “We need to look at the film. As of now, we need to keep sticking together and get better as a unit. That is what we’re going to do.”

CB Stanford Routt

You guys were out there the entire time. The defense gave up a score just about every time, except that last one. What’s that going to do for you guys come Monday morning?: “It’s not going to do anything. It’s the game of football. We lost. It wasn’t pretty. It was ugly. We’ve got to bounce back against Buffalo next week – plain and simple.”

Is this a true indication today of what you are able to do defensively?: “You can make whatever type of inference you want to make from it. All I know is, we’ll be ready to play come week two.”

How much did you miss your four [defensive] starters?: “You can sit up here and make any story you want to make. At halftime, it was 20-17. Obviously, we were doing just fine. In the second half, we just didn’t make the right plays. They did. They won the game.”

Does a missed field goal take a lot of momentum out of everything? It seemed like it kind of deflated the whole place. “Plain and simple, they made plays. We didn’t. You can go ahead and make whatever type of inference, whatever type of correlation you want. All I know is after that [the missed field goal], the score was still definitely in reach.”

LB Justin Houston

Having those injuries on the defense, did Romeo talk about how the defense might go about things differently today or did you stick with what you thought?: “I thought we stuck to our game plan. We knew we needed some guys to step up on defense because we knew that we had some guys that were going to be out. We didn’t play our best, but, we’ve just got to come out and do better.”

Why couldn’t you guys get to Matt Ryan more often?: “As a whole, I think the pressure wasn’t as good as it should be, and I felt like the coverage wasn’t as good as it should be. I just think the whole defense needs to step up.”

It sounds like you missed your starters?: We lost a couple of key guys that were very important to us. We’ll do better next week. We need to step up.”

LB Derrick Johnson

On the game.: “Hats off to Atlanta. They did a hell of a job. They beat us down a little bit. I felt we played OK the first half. The second half we did not do too much.”

Was this a game plan thing or an effort deal?: “It wasn’t an effort deal, not even a game-plan deal. I put that on us – on the players. The players are out there. Coaches call the plays. You’ve got to make plays, and we didn’t make very many. We beat ourselves.”

You didn’t get to the quarterback. Is that because Tamba  Hali wasn’t out there?: “Tamba would have helped, of course. You’ve got to find a way. You can’t have excuses. I didn’t even think about Tamba this week. That’s just how it is in the NFL.”

WR Dexter McCluster

Are you comfortable with your role in the offense?: “Yes, I’m definitely comfortable. It has helped out a lot in my career to play multiple roles. I can still do the same thing I am doing weather it’s at running back or slot receiver. Being able to concentrate on that is going to elevate my game.”

What did the offense do in the second half as opposed to the first half: “We definitely started fast in the first half – driving up the field and (Atlanta) couldn’t stop us. I think we started to press in the second half. We need to continue to do the same thing that gave us success in the first half; we need to focus on the little things, but we can’t give up big plays to give them opportunities.”

Did the missed field goal take a little wind out of your sails?: “Honestly – with the missed field goal – we would have liked to have had those three points, but I don’t think it took any wind out of us because we knew that they hadn’t stopped us yet on offense. We just have to go out there and compete and ultimately go out there and go blow-for-blow with the defense and try to get some points on the board.

Did Atlanta make a lot of adjustments in the second half?: “They made no adjustments. They stayed in their same defense – obviously they had confidence in it. We just gave away a lot of plays with interceptions and turnovers that ultimately put us in a bad position. We just have to eliminate that.”

DE Glenn Dorsey

Is the secret to stopping an offense like that and Matt Ryan to get pressure?: “That’s the secret to every offense. We need to stop the run and get pressure on the quarterback. We just didn’t do that today. We’re going to try and correct it and do it next week.”

Is there anything you feel you can do to get more consistent with the pass rush?: “We just need to keep working.”

What were you doing well in the first half?: “We just need to keep playing. When it is time for us to do our job, everybody has to do their job. It is a good team that we played against today; we made a lot of mistakes and they capitalized on them. We just can’t make mistakes – we have to correct them and come back next week.”

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