Chiefs Player Quotes - 11/8

Posted Nov 8, 2012

Q: What about Todd Haley. He knows you and a lot of guys on this team. He probably has a good idea of how to stop you as well that he’s sharing with the players on the defensive side of the ball in Pittsburgh?

CHARLES: “I think every team knows how to stop me, I think we run a couple plays and they already kind of know what we’re running because we’ve been running for eight weeks now. I think every team does a great job of trying put nine in the box.”

Q: The Steelers defense has always been known as a tough defense. What is your evaluation of their defense?

CHARLES: “They’re a big, physical team. They’ve been together for at about 10 years and know how to play football, they’ve won a couple Super Bowls together. You just have to have your stuff together before you go play them. You can’t be messy or they’ll just destroy you, especially at home. It’s a great team.”

Q: What do you see when you look at Pittsburgh’s offense? Guessing you notice their speed, especially at the receiver position?

LEWIS: “Yeah, absolutely. They’re a very speedy, very talented group of guys. We’ve just got to prepare for their speed. That’s basically the biggest thing you see on the film, it’s quick passes, they’re going to get the ball into their receivers’ hands real quick and let them try and run and make plays.”

Q: It’s been a rough stretch so far this season. Is there any added excitement that it’s a Monday Night Football game?

LEWIS: “Absolutely. It’s primetime, the world is watching, you want to put your best play on the field, you want to do good and at the end of the day you want to win a ballgame for this club. We’re preparing to win a ballgame, that’s the excitement we get, we’re rallying around each other, trying to play complementary team football.”

Q: You played against Todd Haley’s offense in practice. Are you expecting to see something similar on Monday?

LEWIS: “Yeah, it’s similar because as we study film and as you go back to when he was here you see some of the same things. They’ve tweaked a few things here and there dealing with the personnel and the type of speed they’ve got there. It wasn’t matched up to what we had here as far as speed-wise. But you know, they tweaked a few things here and there but for the most part he stayed with his same offensive mindset and his same offensive plans.”

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