Chiefs Player Quotes - 49ers

Posted Sep 26, 2010

Chiefs move to 3-0

Talk about how it was back in the secondary when sometimes you guys were rushing three up to six guys?
“It’s great back there in the secondary. First time I’ve experienced this in the NFL and I can’t say enough about that front seven. They’re making my job a lot easier out there.”


Take us through your second interception of the year today? “Yeah, I’ve seen that route on film a lot. WR (Michael) Crabtree likes to run to the flat and then angle it back in for a slant. I just played what I’d seen on film. I told myself before this year that I just have to be more opportunistic – if I get my hands on the ball I’ve got to come down with it. So that’s what I did.”

Did the TE Vernon Davis comments really strike a chord with you guys? “To be honest we didn’t even acknowledge that quote. He was trying to fire his team up, I don’t blame him for that. We didn’t comment on that at all in the team meetings. We just wanted to keep our heads forward, just play Chiefs ball.”

When you have an offense that goes out and puts up 31 points, how much easier does that make it for you on offense? “It’s great – we get a lot of rest on the sideline, you get to go into different coverages and everything like that so that’s a definite big plus when the offense does that.”

How does it feel going into the Bye Week 3-0? “It’s feels good. This is what we’ve been talking about in OTAs, minicamp, training camp. We just have to keep it going, we can’t settle for 3-0. We’ve got a bye week, we have time to prepare for our next opponent so we’ve just got to take advantage of this bye week.”

On the game and moving into the Bye Week:
“We’ve just got to keep on plugging away and get better going into this bye. Hopefully everybody takes care of their body, stays healthy, I don’t think anybody got hurt today so we’ve just got to build on it. It week gets bigger and bigger now.”

Seemed like you guys got a lot of pressure up front today? “The key, give credit to them, those guys get paid to do the same thing we do, we just out-toughed them and played well today. They have an offensive team that plays well together and the two rookies, but we still got after it. It was a collective defensive effort and I’m just happy we got the ‘W.’”

How big is this win going into the bye week? “We’re 3-0 but every game is important. Each week we step on that field is important. Now they just start getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger each week. With the bye week, we’ve got to get ready for Indy (Indianapolis). I’m going to start preparing for Indy tonight, watch whoever they play on film as much as I can, find any tendencies we can get to help us.”

What did you guys do really well that it seemed like the 49ers couldn’t do anything against you guys? “We just rallied to the ball, all 11 players, whoever was on the field, we just rallied to the ball and that’s something we emphasized the whole week in practice – Coach (Todd) Haley was blowing the whistle, run to the ball, strip the ball out, whatever we can to get a turnover or whatever we can do. That’s what we did, we just kept going.”

Are you surprised that you’re 3-0? “I’m not surprised. You can ask RB Thomas (Jones), we talk about this on the ride every morning to work, we could be 3-0, we’ve been talking about this. We’ve got to believe and the guys believe in this team that we’re getting better and believe we can win every week we step on the field.”

On the win?:
“To finish like that and enjoy, not putting the defense out there where they have to make the big stop, we want to run the ball, run the clock out and I think we controlled the clock pretty much all day.”

You guys did it with some flash too today? “Definitely. Everybody made plays, everybody stuck together from the quarterback to the line to the running backs to the receivers – everybody stuck together, got this win.”

Could you have scripted it any better for your rookie season? “You might dream something better but you know what, this is reality and this is great. I’m just going to keep working; we’ve got a lot more ball left. I’m trying to do what I do.”

You’re going into the bye week at 3-0? “Going into a bye week 3-0, first of all we have that confidence going into that next half. We also have a chance to rest our bodies a little bit, get regenerated, get our minds right and come back full force.”

How much fun is this, it seemed like you just had the magic touch as a team? “Yeah, when you’re confident in everything you’ve been working on all week you go out there and have fun – you just go out there and play football. Football is the greatest game on this Earth and if you’re confident in what you’ve got, go out there and make plays. When you’re having fun you’re going to win.”

On the TD, when did you know that you could put it in second gear and no one would catch you? “After that first missed tackle. I kind of had it played out in my mind, they’re over pursuing, cut back, touchdown.”

You’ve been patient about getting involved in this offense, how excited were you to be this involved and how were you so effective? “People have been coming up to me, ‘When are you going out there? When are you going to get started early?’ I tell everybody you’ve got to be patient, your time is going to come, you’ve got to be unselfish. When your time comes, you have to be there ready to meet it at the door. Getting the ball, that felt good. Got into a groove and everything was just rolling from there.”

You were running around like a man possessed out there today. What was the game plan against the 49ers and against RB Frank Gore?
“We just had to stop the run. We knew they were a good team coming in as far as running the ball and QB Alex Smith had a good game against New Orleans last week and our whole focus was just stopping the run.”

How did the defense get so much pressure on the quarterback? “I credit the defensive line. With them stopping the run, that allowed us to rush the quarterback. The offense played tremendous on that side of the ball by scoring a lot of points and making them throw the ball. Credit those guys for allowing me to rush this week.”

How proud are you of this defense? “Very proud. You know Romeo Crennel has come in here and really changed our identity and the things we’re doing we’re very happy about.”

Congrats on a great win?
“It was a good win for the team. I think the team played together today and we’ve just got to keep working hard and improve.”

You almost had two 100-yard backs today and you held on to the ball for almost 34 minutes. That has to be very satisfying? “Yeah, it is but the most important thing is you have to realize is we could do a lot better. That’s a good sign. We’ve improved, there’s room for improvement and we’ve got to keep improving and make sure we shore things up and get things going.”

There was a lot of talk about the front seven of San Francisco, and rightly so. You didn’t necessarily manhandle them, but you guys did some good things and you were physical, you guys were able to get up to the linebacker? “It’s a play we run and a play we work on and it’s something that works for us. Like I said, people have been working hard, things are working out for us and as a team we’re coming together…It’s still hard work. They’ve got a very good front seven, good down linemen; you all know they’ve got good linebackers. Things rolled our way this game.”

How good does it feel to be 3-0? “It feels good. I’ve been here three years, since I was a rookie. There’ve been hard times, ups and downs, both personally and team-wise and it’s a good feeling to be 3-0. But like I said we’ve got a lot of improvement which is a good sign and we can improve and get better.”

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