Chiefs Player Quotes 8/12

Posted Aug 12, 2011

It seemed that Tampa Bay came out with a game plan, and you guys just came out and played. Is that what it felt like to you? “I think we would have liked to have better execution offensively. I don’t think it was a game plan thing, speaking from the offensive stand point we would just like to execute better. But that’s what these preseason games are for is to get better and get ready for September 11th and the Buffalo Bills.”

How much could you have learned tonight? “Anytime you go three-and-out and don’t make first downs, it’s frustrating. It is what it is, with how we executed. We just have to go back to the drawing board and practice and get ready to roll.”

With three preseason games left, do you feel prepared? “It’s not time to start writing about where we are right now. This was just the first preseason game. We’ve got to play the cards that we’re dealt. Coach (Haley) always talks about adjusting on the fly. That’s what we have to do. We have to go back to practice and from an offensive standpoint execute better.”

On his first taste of professional football: “It was a blast. To get out there and get the whole environment of a game day and how the Chiefs run it, it was a very fun time to finally get on the field and go to work with some of the stuff we’ve been practicing. It will be a great chance to get on this film tomorrow and take a look at everything and see the areas where we can improve.”

You were running for your life out there. Did you have to do that at Iowa? “Sometimes. Sometimes it calls for that and you have to go out and make a play. There were a lot of good things we can learn from the film. I made a lot of mistakes out there, but that’s what great about film. You can correct those and get out there and work on them in practice.”

What mistakes did you make out there tonight? “Being more disciplined with the reads, understanding where the checkdowns are at times and knowing to take a better look at coverages. With more time and more film and repetition, hopefully I can nail some of those things down.”

Didn’t you switch positions? “Yeah, after my sophomore year I switched from tight end to defensive end/defensive line. The reason behind that was that I had some injury issues, and I wasn’t going to play and the coaches thought I was more of a defensive player. It turned out pretty well.”

On his first game: “There’s a lot of improvement that I can do personally. I went out there and played hard. The whole team played hard.”

On preparing for the season opener: “Any time as the season gets closer, the intensity ramps up a little bit. We’ve got some things to correct on tape, which is good to have. Anytime when you’ve been in camp longer there’s more that’s going into the playbook. I would assume that we continue to ramp up more and more each day as we continue to prepare for September 11th.”

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