Chiefs Players Postgame Comments - Dolphins

Posted Nov 6, 2011

On the game: “We didn’t play well. [We] didn’t execute. I think it was a team loss all around. Obviously, we’ll watch the film a little bit. I think you can see that we didn’t execute well enough to win. They took advantage of some plays and [it’s] disappointing.”

Was there anything Miami did that you did not expect? “Not really. Like you said, they are a good team and they played really well. They played tough. They made some big plays out there as a team. You look at what they did, as a team they’d probably tell you it was a team win for them. They executed well, better than we did, and that cost us the game. ”

Is this disappointing after you’ve been on such a good roll? “Anytime you lose a game, it’s disappointing. You come off an emotional week, a big win last week, and you want to capitalize and keep building on that. But, we took a little step backwards today. We’ve got to come out tomorrow and build again.”

Were you guys ready, prepared for the game? “Yeah. I wouldn’t say we weren’t ready at all. It’s just one of those things where we went out there and didn’t execute well enough. We left some plays out there that I think the film will show that we’ll wish we had a few back.”

Does a Monday night game really have that big of an effect on players like it seemed to have for you guys today? “It’s a short week. We knew who the Dolphins were. We knew that they were a good team. We knew that they had a lot of playmakers and those playmakers made some plays today. And, we could have done a lot better job of stopping them. But, other than it being a short week and a little bit less preparation time, no that’s football. You can’t want to play on Monday night one week and love it, be all about Monday night football, and then not be O.K. with the short weeks. You take the good with the bad.”

Did you expect them to throw the ball that effectively in the game today? “They have a lot of talented players in their receiving corps. We know their running backs have talent and speed. [They have] a mobile quarterback and you saw some of that today.”

On the game: “We did not do a good enough job today at all. The best thing about it was we just kept fighting. We just kept swinging.”

When you lose like this, it was evident that you weren’t quite ready: “We’ve just got to play a lot better. We kind of looked like we did at the beginning of the season, again. We’re a tough team. We’ve been through this type of loss. We’ll bounce back. We’ll fight hard next week and we’ll do a lot better. You’ve got to have a short term memory in this league when things happen like this – somehow forget it. They capitalized off the mistakes me made today. They did a great job, our hats off to Miami. This is the NFL. Even though they hadn’t won a game that really has nothing to do with it.”

What was the difference between Monday and today? “I felt like we were focused and ready. It didn’t happen. We’ve got to do much better. If we want to win this division, we’ve got to play like we did on Monday night. We can’t backdoor it and do what we did today. We’ve got to be more consistent.”

Early in the season one of the problems you had defensively was some coverage break downs, it looks like you had a couple of those again today: “Yeah. Across the board, we fought hard. But, we didn’t execute today on the defensive side of the ball.”

You had a short week and had an emotional win Monday night. Did you guys have anything left today? “I think we had a lot left today. As a team, we didn’t come out with enthusiasm, power and energy we like we had in past weeks and it showed today. Coach put us in a situation to be ready and we just didn’t go out and execute.”

How much did you guys feel like you could have given today after the roller coaster game the other night? “We were pretty much good the whole week the way that we prepared. We just did not go out and do the little things to execute. [Our] hats off to the Miami Dolphins, they came ready to play just like we expected them to. They made a few more plays then us and got the ‘W.’”

Did they Miami Dolphins have your attention? They were an 0-7 team, sometimes it is human nature to overlook them: “They had mine. I approached the week the same way [as I always do]. I watched film the same way, came here the same way. [I was] thinking the same way. The ball just didn’t fall in our court today.”

Does this feel a little bit like the first two games of the season? “No. It felt way different than that. You can tell the difference. It was a different vibe that we had in the first two games compared to this. We just didn’t go out as a team. The coach calls the plays and we’ve got to execute as a team. We didn’t go out and do the job today – point blank, period.”

On the fake field goal: “It was just a miscommunication, we weren’t all on the same page. It was supposed to be a punt situation. The field goal kicker was supposed to do a pooch punt.”

On running with the ball following the fake field goal: “[I tried to] make something from nothing. [We need to be] cleaner next time and have better communication.”

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