Chiefs Playing for a Win, not Spoiler Role

Posted Dec 21, 2012

Pride for Arrowhead victory fueling the team

The (2-12) Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for Sunday’s matchup with the (9-5) Indianapolis Colts, who are guaranteed a playoff spot with a win or tie (or a Pittsburgh loss). While the Chiefs are two games shy of completing their 2012 season, their final home game could include added motivation, preventing the Colts from trotting into the postseason, via Arrowhead Stadium.

“No. I’m not worrying about being a spoiler,” Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said.

“I’m just worried about trying to win a game. I don’t care who it’s against. Or I don’t care what the situation is; I just need to win a game. If I can win a game, I can feel better about myself and about this team, knowing that we can get something positive done.”

The just-win mentality isn’t just from the coaches.

“Our motivation is to just go out and get us a win,” Chiefs DB Kendrick Lewis said.

“I don’t see us spoiling anything. Our motivation, that drives us every day to come in and work, is just going out to compete to win a ball game. That’s the one thing that we’re trying to do, finish this season out on a good note and win us a ball game.”

Winning, especially at home, is not taken for granted by the Chiefs, including DB Eric Berry.

“This is Arrowhead, we need to win this game just because we want to win at home,” Berry said.

“My rookie year (2010), we went 7-1 at home during the regular season and we just want to get back to that, so I think this will give us good momentum going into the next season. We’re just really trying to finish out strong, not trying to spoil anything but if it happens, it happens, but we’re trying to get something done here."

While the entire team is on board with winning for the sake of winning, especially in front of the Kingdom crowd, Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson did smile when admitting to liking the potential role of spoiler.

“Definitely,” Tyson Jackson said. “Anybody in that situation can take full advantage of knocking somebody out of the playoffs, then you have to look forward to that.”

While a Chiefs win would not technically knock the Colts out of the playoffs, it would prevent them from entering the postseason on our watch. And, you can’t fault a guy who takes full pleasure of everything an Arrowhead victory could bring.

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