Chiefs Postgame Comments - Players

Posted Oct 31, 2010

What was it like, what was going on when you lined up for that second FG attempt at the end of the game?
“Obviously, to start, I just have to give all the credit to our team for picking us up and getting me another shot. You miss one and you feel very fortunate to another opportunity. Really I had a lot of peace over both kicks. One of the things we always pray for is for God to bless us with peace and strength and He did that, proved that again today and so we really just have to give all the glory to God.”


Tell us about the first kick and the wind conditions? “To be honest with you, the first kick, I hit it where I wanted to, as crazy as that sounds, and it absolutely took off and took a left turn. We knew it was windy and I tried to play it right but I never would’ve imagined it would’ve moved that much. It was unbelievable. It was windy.”

When the Chiefs got the ball back on that final drive, what were you thinking over on the sideline? “Really the thought that was going through my mind was, ‘hey, if I get another opportunities, it’s in God’s hands and I trust Him and I’m going to go out and give it my best shot and let Him get the glory.”

You have to trust your holder and your snapper too? “LS Thomas (Gafford) and P Dustin (Colquitt), those guys are unbelievable. Those guys did such a great job snapping and holding for me and without them doing such a good job, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Have you ever been in a situation like this? “No, not really. I think this is kind of a first-time experience for me. Fortunately, our team just came together and was just not going to be denied and just what an effort by our team and our coaches.”

Not the way you scripted it, but good teams win games like this don’t they?
“There’s never a script for these kinds of games, you just go out there and play as hard as you can and let the chips fall where they may. You put your work in during the week of practice and then you play to win. Regardless of how it looks, a win’s a win.”

You had rookie G Jon Asamoah stepping in on the offensive line. Talk about how he did? “He came in and did a great job. He’s one of those guys that you can see his potential every day in practice – he works hard, he has great athletic ability, he’s smart and for that to be his first game starting, he had a great game. I was real proud of him.”

What was Head Coach Todd Haley’s message after the game? “Just the fact that we stuck together, we hung in there and some games are going to be like that, you never know how the game’s going to turn out but sticking together, not quitting, not giving up, believing in the other guys on your team, it always pays off at some point, and today was one of those days.”

You’re going to have to raise the bar next week because you had a great performance today. Did you have any nervousness on those last drives?
“I knew when the game ended up tied, when they threw the ball into the ground for intentional grounding, we knew the offense had to score. We were moving the ball the whole time, we let them hang in there but they came up here and played and they played and they played well today against us. We just know that we were rushing the ball so we know we had to run the ball and they had to stop the run. We were doing that, we were doing a good job and some plays were good running plays and some plays we went back to them because it was working. We were trying to see what we could do against their defense.”

You’re still fired up aren’t you? “Yeah, I’m happy, I’m just happy we got this win. It feels good to be 5-2. The last two years I’ve been here; it [hasn’t been 5-2]. I’m just happy that we found a way to pull out a win. It was a squeeze win but we pulled it out.”

Talk about the defensive effort today, especially late in the game?
“Like I’ve been saying all year, we’re a defense that bends but doesn’t break. We’re playing good football right now, (defensive coordinator) Romeo (Crennel) is putting us in good positions and guys are making good plays – S Eric Berry, back-to-back weeks with interceptions, he’s coming along as a rookie, getting. We’re getting better overall as a team, special teams, offense. We won, that’s all that matters. I don’t care if we gave up 500 yards, at the end of the day, [all that matter] was to get to 2-1 and we got to it.”

Is that one of the more satisfying wins that you’ve been a part of? “I’ve been in this league for eight years now, there are always going to be different types of wins like that. I’m just glad we got the W. I was over there praying on my knees. This is football. It’s almost the beginning of November, this is the type of football you want to see – cold-weather game, stop the run, we ran the ball real well today. It was just a good, complete team effort.”

From the fans’ perspective, it was kind of a slow developing game until the fourth quarter. What was it like for you guys emotionally? “The emotion on the field was knew we had to have a stop. We just tried to get the ball back to our offense and hopefully, we’re in overtime, you try to get a kick in, which we did.”

On the FGs at the end of the game? “You think about it, we tease the kickers during the week because sometimes when we’re practicing hard during training camp and all that, we see them over there fumbling with the ball, playing around, but if he had missed it everybody would’ve been all over him. It’s a crucial situation; we prepare for it; we go over that at practice; last minute trying to kick the ball and we executed.”

Did the 0-6 Bills shock you today? “It’s not about shock, they get paid just like we get paid. It doesn’t matter, they’re playing football and we’re playing football. At the end of the day, you’re record doesn’t mean anything until the end of the season. They played hard, I give credit to them, they took us to overtime. They took New England, last week they took Baltimore to overtime so that lets you know what type of team they are. They’re just not getting the breaks right now.”

On the game-winning kick?
“We’ve got all the faith in the world in K Ryan (Succop) and he won the game for us. It was a hard-fought victory. That was a long game, five quarters. I’m just proud to be a Chief. I’m excited, I’m happy we found a way to win.”

How tough are those emotional swings, with a missed FG, then another missed FG, then you finally make one for the win? “Well, in a game you don’t want to get too excited and you don’t want to get down. You just try to keep it on an even-keel, even when I know he’s going to kick the ball, I still have in the back of my mind that I might still have to go back on defense. I think everybody’s taking that mindset into it.”

Their offense came in here, they can score and they can move the ball. The only scored 10 points? “We saw that on film, they score a lot of points. The quarterback is really good, he can run and they do a lot of good things. We knew that coming into the game that we were going to be in for a fight.”

Where is the belief of this football team at going on the road for two division games? “We’re just going to use our momentum. We’re feeling good and we’re finding ways to win. A win is a win. We’ve got this road stretch and everybody’s feeling good, we’re ready to keep on pushing.”

5-2 right now. You won four games all of last year? “Progress. We’re all working hard.”

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