Chiefs Postgame Comments - Players

Posted Nov 21, 2010

Opening Statement
: “I want to thank God for giving me an opportunity, the coaching staff putting me in the right places, the offensive line blocking their tail off, Matt (Cassel) putting the ball in the right spots. Coach Haley told me, ‘Block, catch and run.’ That’s all I’ve been doing with my head down.”


How have you seen these first ten games? “At this level, you have to learn to keep your mouth closed and keep your head down and just strive. That’s what I’ve been doing. Our team is building and right now we’re starting to do great things. I’m going to just keep my head down and keep going.”

What’s your relationship with Matt Cassel? “Our relationship is good. We work hard, especially on our off days. We come in and get a couple of throws in. I just want to get on the same page with him and that is what will win some games. It’s paying off, so I’m going to continue to do it.”

How different is Dwayne Bowe from Game 1 of the season to today? “I don’t think I’m any different. I feel like every day I’m the same guy striving for one goal and that’s to win it all. Until I do that, I’m going to feel like the same person. Now when I win it, I might change, but right now, I’m just Dwayne.”

What did you differently this offseason? “I just told myself I’ve got to get serious and focus. When I was working out with (Larry) Fitzgerald, he told me to keep my head down and just strive and just go. I had to get there. In the offseason when I worked out with him, he was showing me how to do it and I’m just following his ways and it’s paying off.”

Is the game becoming easy for you? “It’s slowing down a little bit. When you go up against a fast defense, the game speeds up a bit, but as long as we’re running fast on offense, it’s hard to beat us.”

On the relationship with Coach Haley: “He’s hard on me. He’s told me what he had to do to change (Fitzgerald’s) ways and how it made him an impact player. He’s doing the same thing with me. He’s telling me to just be me, just keep making plays and they’re going to keep coming to me.”

On being the first player in a Chiefs uniform to catch a TD in six straight games, does that mean anything to you? “Not yet, not until we win it all. Then I’ll look back on this game and say ‘Wow’! Right now, my head is down and I’m going to keep moving.”

Does Arrowhead’s loud fan base help you? “It does. When they’re screaming loud, the offense can’t really hear the calls and get the checks. Some guys might mess up in that situation and that could be a play that costs them the game. So a special shout-out to the fans as they do a good job with that.”

How does it feel to be on the winning side of a game?
“It’s a good feeling. It makes the pain and everything a lot easier. We just knew we had to come out here and play good ball. We just had to come out execute.”

On going out on the road and trying to get a win: “Each game is very important to us. We treat each game like it’s the biggest game of the season. We’re going to come back this week and get ready to play like it’s the Super Bowl.”

On playing on the road? “It’s tough for all visiting teams with the crowd noise and everything else. We just want to focus and stay in tune and just focus on the 120-yard playing field.”

What was the difference this week?
“I don’t know. We did little things differently this week. We came out there no matter what and just tried to run the ball no matter if there were eight or nine in the box.”

How sweet was today’s victory? “It was real sweet to get a victory. Now we need to keep it going.”

Did Arizona make an effort to try and shut down the running game? “Yeah, they blitzed on most of the plays. They tried to stop the running plays, but no matter what we just tried to go up there and keep running the ball. We just adjusted to their defense. We talked about it and worked on it in practice. We work on it every week when they try to blitz our run.”

Is that the loudest you’ve heard Arrowhead Stadium? “Oh yeah. It was fun today. It’s fun to play in Arrowhead and we’re just trying to keep it going and let people know that this is our house, so it’s going to be hard to come up here and get a win.”

On winning at Arrowhead
: “It feels good to be able to do it in front of our fans. They make it a tough place to play for the opposing team. It’s good that we can come out and put on a good game for them.”

On the focus of the defense: “We always have a chip on our shoulder. We had a rough game last weekend. The only thing you can control is to come out the next week and play harder and correct it, and that’s what we did this week. It was good to get the victory.”

On what Coach Haley said after the game: “He basically said to just keep doing our thing. Don’t get concerned about what’s going on around the league… just be able to control what’s going on right here. We’ve got a tough game next week on the road and we have to get some wins on the road, that’s the biggest thing. We just have to keep on pushing.”

As a defensive lineman you get beat-on every play. What’s it feel like to assert yourself on someone else, on the offensive side of the ball?
“It felt good, actually. Hopefully they’ll give me the ball next time. That takes me back to my high school days when I was playing tailback. It’s just fun being out there and getting a “W” and being out there with the offensive guys. I always tease them at practice about blocking and holding.”

What’s this victory feel like? “It just felt good. We’re now 1-1 in the month of November in the third quarter in the season. We’re just trying to pile them up. It’s a short season with only six games left. We have to take them one by one.”

What was the defensive game plan against Arizona? “To stop the run and not to give up explosive plays. I think we gave up a couple of big pass plays, but other than that, we played good, except for the last play at the end of the game. Other than that, we held them to two field goals. Our offense put up some points, our special teams played well, defense played well; we played a complimentary game and that’s all you can ask for.”

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