Chiefs Postgame Player Quotes

Posted Sep 2, 2010

Chiefs vs Packers

Q: About the first four Green Bay possessions being three-and-out and then Green Bay gets to the five yard line and you hold them on downs. Can you talk about it?

A: “We’re improving as a defense. To get four three-and-outs, that’s a way to start the game and that’s what we want. We want to get in a good habit of making those three-and-outs so we can build this team around defense – championships are won around defense. That’s what we are trying to build here is a great defense. That was a good start for us. When Monday night comes, that’s when it counts.”

Q: It looks like you are taking some good steps as a team and as a defense. You’re really doing some good things. Has Coach (Todd) Haley talked about that? Is he pleased with what is going on?

A: “The thing that coach is pleased with is each week we are getting better. That’s all you can ask for in a young team. If you can get better each week, you’re building towards something.”

Q: What are your thoughts towards the Monday night game – opening up the season in the New Arrowhead?

A: “It’s going to be great. The atmosphere is going to be crazy. Arrowhead is going to be the place to be. I can’t wait for our fans to come out and give them something good to see on Monday night.”


Q: About the 50-yarder.

A: “The offensive line did a good job. [They] opened up a big seam and I just hit it. I had one man to beat to the corner, stiff armed him and tried to out run him, but I just couldn’t make it.”

Q: On the touchdown run.

A: “We put DT Derek Lokey in there. He opened it up for me and I followed right behind him.”

Q: How sweet was this victory?

A: “Man, we needed it. It was a long time coming. We needed it. It feels good.”


You’ve got to feel like you put your best foot over the past two weeks? “Yeah, I mean I feel like I made some mistakes but overall you can only do what you do and control what you can control. At the end of the day it is what it is.”

There was a lot of celebrating on the sidelines afterwards. Looked like it was kind of a relief to get a win? “Yeah, it’s always good to get a win. Like I said we’ve lost the last three preseason games so especially getting a win at home, let the fans and crowd get into it and get ready to go Monday night.”

Did you feel like this was important getting into the regular season? “Yeah, winning is always important, especially around Kansas City because we’ve been struggling to get wins and the main thing, our goal is to bring Arrowhead back to where it was.”

There were a lot of big third and fourth down plays. How much confidence does that give the defense? “It gives the defense a lot of confidence, especially to put them in third and long, second and long. I feel like all the guys are just working together, trying to build this defense and trying to make some good things happen.”

You personally have become kind of a sack machine the past few weeks? “It’s just some good calls and when I came to Kansas City my main focus was to come here and contribute to this team. All I want to do is contribute and win games.”

On your sack tonight, you had your hand on the ground, do you like coming out with your hand on the ground instead of just in standing up position? “It doesn’t matter, whatever I have to do to get on the field and make plays, it doesn’t matter. Standing up, putting my hand down, it’s whatever I’ve got to do to put myself on the field to help this defense.”

Is it good to get a little more time to prep for that first game, the season opener on Monday Night Football? “I don’t think it’s going to be much of a break. The main thing is we’re playing against a division opponent so the main thing is for us to get ready to go for Monday night because we know what San Diego is about – last year they won this division so I think with opening up Monday night with a division game is to get ready and get prepared. So we’re not really caring about a break, our main focus is San Diego right now.”


How does it feel to get that first win as a pro? “It feels great. A ‘W’ is what we strive for every week, week-in and week-out and it feels good to get a win as a team.”

Especially the final tune-up before you guys start for real? “Definitely. It gives us momentum going into this Monday night game. Winning at home, we want to carry this and hopefully it gives us some momentum going into the Monday night game.”

Are you looking forward to now preparing for one team and getting a game plan together? “Yes, definitely. The preseason’s over now. Right now it all counts so we’ve got to go out there, prepare well, work hard and come out with a ‘W.’”

Twenty-some guys are going to be gone by next week, that’s got to be tough for the guys who are still going to be here? “Yeah, definitely. You hate to see that. They’re a big part of the off-season, they helped us get better. If it doesn’t work out, I hope they just keep working hard and they don’t give up on their dream.’”

There was quite a bit of celebrating on the sidelines. Is it kind of a relief to get that win? “Week-in and week-out a ‘W’ is what we want, we want to win. Tonight we fought, we fought, we fought, we clawed and we won. It feels good to celebrate as a team on the field and off the field.”

Results aside, do you feel like you played well? “Definitely. I felt that everybody as a whole played well. The defense was put in a situation again where they had to stop the offense and they did it and the best play of the game was the quarterback kneeling the ball for the victory.”

Finally got the opportunity to break out the Wildcat there in the second half? “Yeah. We got some good timing and it worked out good for us.”

Do you get the credit for the second half starting quarterback? “I don’t really know but it was kind of good going out trying to mimic those quarterbacks. They have a hard job: command the huddle and calling out the plays. I commend them for that.”

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